Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Unfamiliar Familiars

Jack over at Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque has a table for spicing up the "Find Familiar" spell.  The table is damn good, but I thought it could be improved by the addition of a few more entries.

The chart below is a stand alone version of my entries:

d8FamiliarSenses Modified
1Hop Toad (a large toad with pale skin and occasional clumps of hair, croaks sound sickeningly human)Hearing, improved sight
2Tommy Rawhead (a pig’s head rudely placed on a human skeleton, speaks common in a low mumble, shouts obscenities)Hearing, improved smell
3Mandragora (an animated root in the shape of a babe, mouths inaudibly, grimaces as though in pain)Night vision
4Porcelain Double (1d6 1-3 miniature 4-6 life sized, appears identical to the magic user, cannot speak, expression appears blank to most onlookers but withering to the magic user)Hearing, Night Vision
5Horned Serpent (viper with tiny horns, horribly human eyes, blood red scales, hissing sounds like whispers tempting the magic user to commit horrible acts)Night vision, improved smell
6Gamecock (belligerent rooster, always appears covered in blood)Improved sight
7Living Scarecrow (made of straw with a painted or jack o’ lantern face, incredibly mischievous, delights in terrifying children)Night vision
8Black Goat (walks upright, plays panpipes, is incredibly haughty)Improved smell, improved sight

A combined version of the two tables (which uses a d20) can be found here.

Special thanks to Cole for providing the idea for the porcelain double.


  1. Creepy stuff - I like it!

    Oh, and hi - great blog!

  2. Very cool. I like the Gamecock- never thought of using a rooster as a familiar but they seem to fit very well.

    1. I might be wrong, but I seem to remember Bernardo Gui accusing a woman as having a rooster for a familiar in the film version of The Name of the Rose. That's where I got the idea.