Saturday, December 7, 2013

Aliens of the Boom Worlds

These sophants are not available as options for player characters.  Instead, they represent some of the most numerous aliens in the Boom Worlds, or at least the ones that the Terran Directorate has encountered.  Many of these species belonged to a political entity known only as the Interstellar Empire before the solar event caused this polity to collapse.

The Founders
This species is no longer believed to exist, though certain similarities to their self-depictions and the Kruellians have lead some xenologists to hypothesize that they are one and the same.  Sources say they founded the Interstellar Empire during the height of the [Click] Imperial Period.  Their technology seems to have been more advanced than the Directorate's in some ways, less advanced in others.  They were particularly adept at genetic manipulation.

The Thool (singular and plural) are one of the most commonly encountered aliens in the Boom Worlds, and many of their colony worlds have been brought under the control of the Directorate.  Most of the planets where their colonies are located are fluid ocean worlds.  These colonies usually exist as great domed cities under these oceans, leading xenologists to believe these are not their natural habitats. Their biology seems too fragile and complex to have evolved naturally, and it is believed that they were uplifted - or perhaps even created - by the enigmatic founders of the Interstellar Empire.  The Thool see these figures as gods.

Kruelians are larger than many sophant species, and seem to be very prone to whatever forces cause the mutations seen in the Boom Worlds.  They are believed to have been the leaders of the Intestellar Empire before its collapse, and many continue to act as petty warlords, cult leaders, and crime lords using the remaining institutional structures of that empire.  While often viewed by other species as crass and vulgar, they show a remarkable curiosity, and it is not unusual for them to act as scientists or xenologists among the races of the fall empire.

These beings are most often found in the employ of Kruelians, leaving many to believe that they are some sort of warrior caste from the Intestellar Empire.  They vary somewhat in appearance, with individuals being heavily genetically and cybernetically modified for their various combat roles.  Their internal structure appears remarkably flexible when compared to creatures that rely on either an endo or exoskeleton.  They do not seem to possess any way to reproduce, and it is believed that the current members of the species are relics from the time of the Interstellar Empire.

This strange race does not actually appear to be native to the Boom Worlds.  Instead, they seem to have arrived after the chaos created by the solar event.  Xenologists believes that every member of their species possesses at least some psychic ability.  They often serve as information brokers in the Boom Worlds, using a combination of technical skill, psychic talent, and extensive contact networks to acquire their "goods."

Aor Beings
These creatures are perhaps the strangest the Terran Directorate has ever encountered.  Thus far, they have only been found in the vacuum of space, and all attempts by the Scout service to make contact with them have failed.  They are extremely massive, some being as large as the highfreighters piloted by the Directorates strongest astropsychics.  They do not utilize jumpsace to travel, but seem capable of some other form of FTL travel, though it is unknown if this form is affected by time dilation.  They are named for the planet Aor, where the Kruelians and Thool assert that they originate.  This planet is currently considered a Red Zone by the Directorate.

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