Monday, April 15, 2019

Tales from the Cutthroat Inn: In Pursuit of the Black Spider

Session Date
March 24th (picking up from the 4th day of the Month of the Crocodile)

Characters Present
Annapurna, Altanian Ranger
Grafari, Skandik Rogue
Father Thorne, Human Wizard
Ion Skamos, Tiefling Cleric of Ssset
Waq Awaqa, Viridian Warlock
Einarr, Skandik Paladin of Thor

  • Anex must have headed home alone after being trapped in the invisible-spider-verse, since she wasn't present. Seems a sensible decision for a person to make.
  • After waiting for the smoke to clear from their burning of the invisible webs, the party moved into the massive tunnels where they had previously encountered the Son of the Spider-God.
  • In a chamber attached to the tunnels the party encountered a ghostly figure wrapped in translucent webs. After a brief bit of combat the creature disappeared.
  • The party waited for several minutes, and once they attempted to take some treasure out of the room the thing reappeared.  This time it used some hideous power inherent in its unwholesome visage, aging Ion Skamos a few years but aging Annapurna to the equivalent of her mid-60s.
  • Beyond this chamber the party found where the tunnel split north and south.  They headed south and began to realize that they were looping around to already discovered areas.  Ion wished to more properly map the connections, but the party outvoted him and decided to continue on the trail of the Son of the Spider-God.
  • They headed to the northern section and found a room where someone had made a crude barricaded with pieces of earthenware.  There was a large amphora filled with copper pieces.
  • While there were chambers beyond this barricade and broken pots, the party decided that the Son of the Spider-God was not likely to be beyond, or at least that they should check the rest of the large tunnel first.
  • Backtracking, they found another set of chambers - three in number.  The first contained a false door that was an obvious trap.  The second and third seemed to be used to turn giant spider-silk into garments. 
  • These chambers were inhabited by a pair of specters, which the party destroyed.
  • At this point the party decided to leave and perhaps return later to finally slay their quarry.  They took the spinning material with them as well as various treasure caches they had found in this rather long expedition.
Monsters Defeated1 Ghost and 2 Specters

Treasure Gained
1 Jade Spider (250gp), Jade “Mummy” (250gp), 500ep, 2500sp, Spider-leg Wand, Red Potion, Amber Potion, Spinning Equipment (250gp), amd the 500ep and 25000cp from the chest from the last session.

XP per player in both sessions

XP per player just in this session

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