Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unfocused Thoughts After Running DCC

As I mentioned earlier, I'm in Hattiesburg right now.  One of my friends said he wanted to try DCC, and I had a copy of the adventure starter from Free RPG Day, so I decided to give it a shot.  Here are my thoughts.

  • The character funnel is really fun.  Even my old players who liked 3.x liked it.  I noticed that as the group thinned out certain characters gained more personality.
  • Individual initiative for 18 level 0 characters is insane.  We used party initiative.  I'm going to try the individual initiative system if we run it again with level 1 or level 5 characters.
  • The adventure had some really cool things in it, but too much of it was just "characters walk in and are attacked."
  • I basically had to assign DCs for things completely off the top of my head.  I hope I'm supposed to do that.
  • Since there aren't any experience rules yet, I'm a bit worried about the pace of advancement.  Though I acknowledge it was rather slow in the Nightwick campaign so far, I don't want something so fast that I can't have Nightwick Abbey have massive levels.
  • On that note, I'm not really interested in any RPG that can't run Nightwick Abbey.
  • Character creation went really quick.  This is of course a good thing.
  • It was weird seeing DCs for saving throws again after having dealt with static numbers for so long.
  • I think I mentioned this last time, but I really hope there is more guidance for the referee to build his or her own adventures and setting than is provided in the beta rules.  I understand they want to be elitist, but I don't have a lot of use for rpgs without random encounter tables.
  • The alignment of monsters is kinda all over the place.  It's weird to see a lawful demon snake next to chaotic undead who were all supposed to be created by the same evil War Wizard.
  • On that note, can one actually play a war wizard?  I hope so.
  • Finally, I'd really like to see some support for non-Dungeon Crawling activities.  Don't know if that's going to be in there.
On the whole I'd have to say it was a positive experience.  The reason I hope all that stuff above is in there, and that the pace of advancement isn't too quick, is that I think it would be neat to use with Nightwick Abbey/the Dark Country.  However, if it doesn't provide the support needed for a megadungeon or hexcrawl campaign that can be run pretty much indefinitely, I'll just stick to the rules I posted previously.


  1. interesting post, and some good observations

    dcc has some attractive features, i really must gather up some players and give dcc a whirl

  2. Funny enough, but I also gave DCC a try this weekend. I liked it well enough but I don't think the Funnel was for me. Seemed like the adventure was designed *just* to kill characters, rather than having them attrit naturally. Also, the characters that I did lose died in the order of competence (which seemed to defeat the purpose). I only had one character (of 8!) with a net bonus on attributes and his 18 STR meant that he was forced to volunteer on a stuck (and likely trapped) door. His single hit point didn't save him.

    My longest lived character, ironically, had a LUCK of 3.

    I did like the 0-level characters. Wish we could have played long enough to try spell casting.

  3. elitist?

    The whole thing acts like it's only for people who have played the game since AD&D. If you aren't capable of running it, then don't. I don't really like its attitude.

  4. I actually played a demo game with Joe Goodman a few weeks back. I really think the whole "elitist" bit is a joke to him.