Friday, January 18, 2019

What the City State of the Invincible Overlord is Like

My player apparently found yesterday's post somewhat helpful, but asked me to do another one of these for the CSIO (I'll do one for the Roglaras tomorrow).

Precis:  A decadent and barbaric city of hard men, loose women, and strange wonders. (or maybe hard women and loose men).

Conspectus: Bjorn the Mighty, the Invincible Overlord of all the Skandiks; the golden pews and idols of the Temple of the Spider God; assassins and thieves fighting in the sewers by night and day; lumbering trolls serving as bouncers, bookies, and pitfighters in local taverns; attacks by an armed cabal of weirdos over a case of mistaken identity; strange and disturbing screams coming from beneath the street on certain nights near the Three Temples of Thoth the Terrible, Odin the Ruler, and Hamarkhis the Deadly; monsters descending from the sky to pick up a merchant and carry him to who knows where; goblin workers allowed in the city by day but forced out at night;  those same goblins sneaking through the sewers to perform general malfeasance; kangaroo courts and "litigation tricksters" who engage in strange trails before the gods; Senators of the city and its outskirts screaming at each other in their black robes; the sinister cult of Pegana and the dreaded beast of Mung; Naughty Nannies and other strange "shops" catering to perverse or arcane tastes; the Orcs of the Purple Claw and their Amazon queen who raid the settlements around the city; the Beggar's Guild that trades in information as well as alms; knights of the city state in portly pomp riding down the street, jeered at by their mercenary cousins; strange meals and stranger rumors at dubious inns; the Tomb of Banefire and other dungeons beneath the city; the occasional flailsnail falling from the sky

Taste; Sound; Image: Rat on a stick,  Basil Poledouris's "The Mountain of Power Progression," Mike Mignola's Lankhmar

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