Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Record of Gawain the Inquisitor

[Gawain is a 4th level cleric and inquisitor dedicate to the cult of St Richard the Prior. What follows is an account written by his player (with some edits by me). His associates are Paul (Frogling Barbarian 4), Robert van Hoppen (Frogling Fighter 4), Adran Wildedagger (Karslish Rogue 4), and Flint Lichtbringer (Dwarf Paladin 3).]

Assigned to purge Nightwick of its evil once and for all. Traveled with my faithful man servant and squire Robert. Upon my arrival at the squalid village of Nightwick it was fairly crowded with a surplus of mercenaries returning with the Lord of Nightwick from a successful campaign against the Lady of the Woods up north.

 It is currently the 1st of Uno December. Met Flint Litchbringer, Adran Wildedagger at the local inn who were requesting help in exploring the infamous Nightwick Abbey. I may not agree with Adran’s reason for exploring the dangerous ruins but Flint is a fellow worshipper of St Richard the Prior so Robert and I agreed to join them.  A pagan frogling by the name of Paul joined as well. Maybe I could sway him to the side of Law like my faithful campaign Robert.

(Previous loot from Christmas special session was identified: +1 Bow and Shield, Quiver of Silver Arrows, and a Silver Dagger) (Oh and a Horn Of Silent Alarm) [These were gifts given by Knecht Ruprecht for services rendered, ed.]. The Lord’s wife has become pregnant and the pregnancy has developed at an unnatural, it is probably a changeling. Another cleric with The Howling Commandos mercenary company plans to attempt a healing ritual to cleanse the foul spawn. I approached them and The Lord and Lady and offered any assistance I could with the ritual. Journeyed into the Abbey for the first time.

Luckily Flint had a map that he has been compiling for the several months they have been delving this foul place. Almost immediately upon entering we encountered 8 wights, easily defeated. In a room not too far down, we found 65gp at the bottom of a strange pool. A few rooms over we encountered some strange very feminine pillars with rose quarts at certain points. The rogue Adran deftly climbed them and secured them. Acquired 5 of the jewels. An adjoining room was full of women’s head mounted on the walls, and they were strangely fresh. Upon entering the room, they emitted a horrible screeching that summoned an abomination called a magma baby. Apparently, they are created by the psychic disturbances left over after sieges, they are made up of stone, molten rock, and other inorganic material. Defeated it cautiously, but easily. Traveled down a hallway with several doors, one room was full of melted wax, which trapped Flint and I upon the door being opened. A vampire jelly appeared and immediately attacked. Defeated it easily.

Went into the room across the hall after freeing ourselves, and discovered a secret door. The door lead into a back way into a room filled with 7 deer men and a strange altar. It was swathed in purple leading me to believe it to associated with the demon lord Armadeus. After vanquishing the deer men, we discovered a hidden treasure chamber. There were three trapped chests, which the rogue handily disarmed. They contained gold, a huge book, an amulet, and a bottle of perfume. Total of 1007gp in the chest. Earned 510 exp and 388gp apiece.

[More entries to come]

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