Friday, August 10, 2012

What Kars is Like

Precis: Petty, pseudo-British lords fighting over shitty islands.  Terry Gilliam's Westeros.

Conspectus:   The Mad King of the High Tower - a hunchback with a malformed face - leading ill planned raids onto the continent; horrid bogs filled with nuckelavee; strange women lying in ponds distributing swords; Jabberwocks and other weird, wormy dragons; petty nobles fighting for who will be the next king once the current one is assassinated; Orknies carrying off children in the night; ancient stone circles with strange and terrible powers; haunted barrows of pagan kings; bands of outlaws stealing from the rich and giving to themselves; fanatical holy men chaining themselves to boats and casting themselves out to sea; crumbling, haunted manor houses; foul miasmas spreading plague; deadly tourneys that are little more than an excuse for murder; rustic northern lords who prefer raiding for cattle to dealing with the politics of the South; wise women who know how to heal and harm with ancient magics; long, winding roads harried by strange giants; foreign cronies who have brought devil worship into lordly courts; terrifying sea raids conducted by beastmen on unsuspecting villages.

Taste, Sound, Image: a Cornish pasty and dark, warm beer; The Sea Nymph's "Dergo"; Terry Gilliam's Jabberwocky


  1. "Terry Gilliam's Westeros." I like that. Is that a crannog in the pic?

  2. Hrm, Abraham may have to cross Kars off his list of places to escape the Dark Country too... Or more accurately make a terrifying journey there and immediately begin plotting his next place to flee too.