Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nightwick Abbey ConstantCon (Session 6)

Today's session report is provided by Lon, who played Erasmus the Magic-user.
Five PCs set out for Nightwick Abbey: Father Jack, Egor, Erasmus, Morgan and Norrick along with men-at-arms Edward and Frankenstein, Egor's Doberman.  The six humans and dog entered the South Tower, after pondering the new arches that seem to have sprung up wince the last time Father Jack and Egor had come to the abbey.
They found an empty room, with stairs leading up to nowhere and an open trap door leading down.  A faint blue light could be seen from below.  A well-placed iron spike was left from those who last forayed into the room below.  These PCs used the rope, except for Norrick who tried the rusted ladder and found it to be greased with lard.  At the bottom, the group found a glowing blue stone and a doorway.  Leaving the stone alone, they found themselves soon in a torture room, complete with corpses of men with enough flesh to keep their bones in place.  After a few false starts, the group was able to get through a portcullis and followed a short corridor to a large circular chamber lit by candlelight.

A chance encounter allowed the PCs to catch sight of a cultist in robes trying to flee the scene.  Father Jack threw his mace with force and struck down the cultist.  Which was a boon and bane.  For eleven more cultists charged into the room.  A quick fight, as well as a bit of bluffing scared the cultists away.  Frankenstein was able to hamstring one of the cultists, which the group tried to question through his cries and blood loss.

While the group was bust with the wounded cultist, Edward, the stalwart man-at-arms gave a cry of panic and was struck down as three ghouls attacked.  Norrick went on the attack and was paralyzed.  The rest of the group tried to defend themselves as best they could while Father Jack took his time to call for the power of his god to turn away these vile creatures.  The three ghouls ran and disappeared behind a set of self-opening and closing doors.

Choosing not to flow such folly, the group looted the altar of the cultists, coming away with 82 pieces of silver and a piece of obsidian worth about 50 silver pieces.  They set off to explore further down the dark corridors.  But, first they left the cultist in a pit near the altar, "for later."

After finding a ransacked room, the group followed a few archways, finding two niches with statues of emaciated bat-like men.  Turning to another room, the group found eight deer headed creatures that thirsted for blood.  The magic-user Morgan let loose with his spell color spray and struck six of them unconscious.  The remaining two were laid low by Norrick and Frankenstein.  There, the group gained another 100 silver and decided to leave.  They rounded up their scared cultist prisoner, named John and left.

On the way back to the village, the cultist was told if he wished to live, he would take the name Edward, shave his beard and head and continue on as the party's man-at-arms.
If you're interested in playing in future sessions send me an email at evanDOTvanDOTelkinsATgmailDOTcom.  We play every Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 PM EST.

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