Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nightwick Abbey ConstantCon (Session 7)

Session report provided by Zzarchov.  You can find Jason's here.
Commander's Journal: Broken Table, Broken Dreams

Today I once more had to lead the weak and mewling masses to victory in that most vile Nightwick Abbey.

Assembling a crack team of unimportant nobodies I had to venture into that place, seeking to give final comfort to those bodies I was forced to leave behind due to the incompetence of cowardice of my previous subcontractors. This time I was able to bravely take decisive action and storm into the south tower. Alas some squatters had resealed the door since my last successful venture, damaging my shovel in my attempts to continue forth and provide last rights to those poor souls trapped in that horrid place.

Forcing my way back into the site of my previous victory over the mewling magma babies, and came to a sad and aggravating sight. Some morons had broken the table, and put it back in the position I last left it in (propping up the portcullis) and then lowered the portcullis through its wreckage to taunt me. Despite the fire burning in my heart, deep within my rippling barrel chest, I warned my employees to be wary of the safety hole (editors note: the oubliette) as I dutifully gathered the remaining bodies and returned them to our entryway for easier removal. I returned to the assurances that no more bodies had been found in any of the jail cells I did not have time to search myself. Heading towards adventure I discovered a statue to that St. Gax guy, you know, the saint of that thing. Something was off however, but I couldn't put my finger on it. The incessant wailing in pain as I touched the statue with my holy symbol was quite peculiar and I believe the statue may not be the bastion of holy energy it appears to be. Also discovered was an altar littered with leftover wax. Cost recuperation is extremely important in any modern venture of this nature (margins being what they are). After a few brief prayers and some unusually timed seismic activity we left the altar and continue into an office. 

Rather than properly dealing with the situation, some of the subcontractors rushed in blindly and were attacked by eye eating rat crows which I have named "Wingless Miniaturized Griffon Related Rodents" for easier reference. These vile vermin managed to kill one of the subcontractors through ocular ingestion and nearly killed a dwarf employee , Chuck was his name if I recall (editors note: just no). Thankfully I was able to save Chuck with some quick thinking, and slay Wingless Miniaturized Griffon Related Rodents by trapping them in a corner and pelting them with rocks. Thankfully I was there to properly motivate and manage the team or things would have been far worse. The office had a rather large bureau that was unfortunately damaged by these vermin. We were forced to accept some silver coins and a few gems to cover our losses, at least one of my employees was able to find a ring he had lost.

Our expedition in the black we returned to the surface, sans table, and buried the poor souls now given their last rights.

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