Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Break Interrupted to Bring You a Dream

This morning I awoke after one of the strangest nights of my life with the end of a dream tugging at my mind.  For some -- D&D related -- context, that afternoon I had finished stocking a level of Nightwick Abbey.  I was worried that the level was all too random in it's contents, but I have very little time this week and since I needed to spend my time writing and grading papers I decided to leave it in its current "sucky state."

Then I had this dream.  I literally only remember two things about it.

  1. I was reading ChicagoWiz's blog.
  2. In that blog was the following sentence "It's the kind of stupid dungeon that makes total sense to stupid me and my stupid players after the fact."
I have no idea what the hell else was in the dream, but I think there is some wisdom in that line.  I know I'll certainly be looking at this level that way when my players get to it.


  1. So ... you had a dream where Chgowiz was calling himself stupid? I'd be too scared to post about that.

  2. If we ever play that level of dungeon, or section, we will never know the difference.

  3. @ Spawn of Endra

    In all logical sense the words should have come from Jeff Rients
    but dreams aren't logical. I neither think Chgowiz is stupid, or that he would say that himself, but I still think theres wisdom there in some fashon.