Saturday, April 9, 2011

F is for Flood

None know the precise reasons for the flood that destroyed the great civilizations of man.  Most of the literati -- i.e. priests -- believe the Old Gods visited their wrath upon an ungrateful mankind who had ceased to worship them and instead built idols to themselves.  Some, more secular scholars claim that the "magic" and technology wielded by antediluvian humanity was so great that they could bend the very elements to their whims.  Unfortunately, they over exercised this power and the resulting imbalance of the elements caused the Deluge.

According to legend, for it is now in the dim recesses of Antiquity, Uz of Uz, First King of Uz, was an antediluvian man who managed to survive the flood by constructing a great ship.  Eventually the water dropped low enough for him to land his ship on what would eventually become the site of Uz, First City of Men.  Here he found a manifestation of the god Moloch who helped him to craft his city and to make the world safe for civilization once again.  In return, Uz and his followers offered sacrifices to the Old God. It is whispered that Moloch still dwells beneath his temple in Uz, but only his priests know the truth.

Uzites claim that all the peoples of the world are descended from men and women Uz of Uz allowed on his great ship, but most other peoples find this offensive.  Many have their own identical myths, and some are even stranger.  Some say creatures such as Morlocks and Deros are the descendants of humans who sought refuge in great caves and other underground places, and who were driven made by their subterranean prisons.

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