Monday, April 4, 2011

New Poll: A Weird Question

Pierce of The Rusty Dagger (I see what you did there) commented earlier that "I'm a huge Dark Country fan. I would be running a game there if my players would let me."  My question to you: is that possible?  Could you run a game set in the Dark Country with just the information on this blog?  If you couldn't, what other kind of info would you need?

EDIT: Poll removed because I got an answer from the person who prompted it.


  1. It is very flattering to have inspired both a blog post and a poll. There isn't really a poll option that suits me but I guess I would go with "Yes, but I'd have to do a lot of the grunt work myself." The Dark Country posts aren't very rules heavy, or very specific on a micro world level, which is totally fine. From my readings of The Dark Country material it has a heavy dark atmosphere, its like a whole other spin on the fantasy setting. I can picture the gloomy dark forests and huddled decaying villages so clearly. That is what is so great about The Dark Country. I would naturally add or change things as DM, maybe even port it to different game systems. But the setting already has such a strong feeling to it that it would be a joy to work on.

  2. I have similar feelings towards Trey's Strange New World setting, although as much as I enjoy reading about it I am not very likely to step out of the realm of swords & spells into the realm of tommyguns & spells.