Thursday, December 23, 2010

Board Game Idea

Players each take the role of a group of Dwarves seeking to take back their mountain home.  Each group has its own claimant to the throne of the Mountain King, but only one can actually sit upon it.  There are also the denizens of the hall itself to contend with.  It will not be easy to rebuild the kingdom of the Dwarves.

Each player gets to select a Dwarf Prince and the members of his retinue.  A combination of randomness and player choice decides the layout of the Dwarf Hold.  Same goes for the reason it was abandoned, which then also decides what terrors lurk inside for the Dwarves.  The winner is the group that survives the longest, or gets enough treasure and followers to clear out the mine and declare their claimant king.


  1. Sounds good to me. A dungeon's a dungeon's a dungeon without some kind of story, and a dwarf hold is probably easier for players to understand these days thanks to the live action version of The Fellowship of the Ring.

  2. I got the idea while re-reading the Hobbit.

    I've always liked that premise and have thought of using it for the basis of a Campaign dungeon on multiple occasions.

  3. Each player's group could have an ancient feud with another player, requiring them to fight if they meet, and meaning that if that player gets eliminated the other player wins.