Friday, December 17, 2010

Stupid Idea

D&D themed rap group -- RUN-DMG


  1. Busta Rhymes once said "Rawr, rawr, like a dungeon dragon, hitch your little drawers, 'cause your pants are saggin'."

  2. Owww it hurts, but is damn funny.

  3. Know for the album Efil4znilbog.

  4. That is genius. GENIUS I tell you!

    I loves me some stupid ideas. They're my favorite.

  5. "My Edition"

    My Edition went out through my favourite local game store's doors,
    and ended up rolling over many tables and basement floors!
    I sat at the table, as the game got played
    All the PCs saved and the monsters got slayed!
    And out of my rulebooks I did peek
    I looked at other editions, but I'm not a freak
    My Edition creates the sky and sand of my fantasy land,
    With dice in my hand, I can cast a Spell of Command,
    My Edition and me, close as can be…
    We make a mean team, My Edition and me.
    When we get around a table together, roll forever!
    We'll still be rolling inside, even in great weather!
    My Edition
    My Edition
    My Edition