Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nightwick Abbey Session 3

Today Keelyn's player was not able to make it, but the player of the now dead cleric Jerome was.  So the party consisted of:

Alma -- Cleric
Wodewick -- Also Cleric
Slick -- Thief
Cornwell -- Magic-User
Their eight followers

Wodewick began his career with a trip to the local chapel.  As I believe I've mentioned before, this is essentially a peasant's hovel with a cross stuck on top.  There he found two monks who laughed at his speech impediment (Wodewick would wove to tawk to you about his winkboy).  Still, upon hearing that he wished to brave the dungeons beneath Nightwick Abbey they gave him a vial of Holy Water and sent him on his way.

Next Slick decided to purchase some wine at the Medusa's Head and take it to the scary looking tower on the outskirts of town.  Here he found the aging Halfdan the Black.  Halfdan, appreciating wine, let the thief in and discussed the dungeon with him a bit.  Halfdan revealed that on some level below the surface, the Brother's had forced a wizard to create an underground garden. (Cue jokes about heat lamps and illicit substances).  Halfdan offered to pay them for any samples which they might dig up, and even offered to let Cornwell take a peek at his spell book if they found something valuable.  Lastly, he gave Slick a scroll which he wasn't "using at the moment."  Cornwell was able to determine after a read magic spell that it was a scroll of ventriloquism.

The next day, after Cornwell had memorized sleep, the plodded off once again to the legend haunted abbey.  This time, they decided to poke around the graveyard a bit.  They found the same mausoleum entrance the test group did, and inside found the Candlemass inspired automatons.  The two Clerics, who discovered that the things wouldn't attack them, debated ways to destroy them, but found nothing which seemed to deter them.  Wodewick even got a bit of a shock when he attempted to hit one with his mace.  His mace became permanently embedded in the thing, and due to the approach of some skeletons they decided it was time to head back to town.

On their second foray they decided to return to the entrance they had been using, and proceeded down an as yet unexplored hallway.  At the end of this the found a small troop of Goblins, who they dispatched with lightning speed and flaming oil.  Continuing on, they discovered a chamber that contained 4 figures locked in mortal combat.  Each was heavily armored in antiquated gear that resembled what was worn by footmen in the era when the Abbey fell.  Two appeared to be Sword Brothers, the others appeared to be footmen in the retinue of a Western king who perished in the dungeons during the siege.  Alma, believing them to be some sort of undead creature, attempted to turn them.  The armor ceased their fighting, and collapsed into empty shells upon the floor.

Continuing from this chamber, they crossed over a trap which attacked the middle ranks of the party.  The wizard Cornwell was injured, but not enough to deter further exploration.  Not two far from that, they found a set of four hobgoblins (which are really big lanky Goblins) laughing about forcing several of their smaller brethren to look for some special skull.  Feeling they could gain no more information by listening, Slick entered with two jars of flaming oil.  "Hello fuckers."  They dispatched the Hobgoblins without a single injury.

One one their leader they found a fancy piece of jewelery, a gold necklace with opals laid in it, and a sword which they believe to be magical because I described it.  Good use of logic.  We called it a night, and after I divvied up experience they decided that it's time to "downsize the company."  The hirelings have been taking too much of the xp for their liking, and having been dying as much as they should.

All in all a fun session.  I had meant to describe the dungeon as constantly groaning and creeking, but I'll just remember to do it next time.  I added quite a bit to level one after last session, and I want there to be an in game way they can detect this.  Those of them who don't read my blog will just find it creepy.

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