Saturday, December 11, 2010

Post 100


A lot has changed since I started this blog roughly three months ago.  Well, maybe not that much, but I have a group now and I'm running a game for the first time in months.  That's something.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank those of you who have followed me this far.  I've decided to give you a small gift.  It's a Labyrinth Lord class I developed for a campaign where I replaced all of the standard demihuman classes with weird equivalents.  I've taken some liberties with the source material.

Requirements: STR 9 CON 9
Prime Requisite: DEX and CON
Hit Dice: d10
Maximum Level: 8
Saves: As Dwarf
Attack Table: As Fighter

Ghul's are strange humanoids who live in tribes in the colder reaches of the world.  Some, but not all, enjoy the taste of human flesh and conduct raids on human settlements to obtain it.  Players are encouraged not to play this sort.  Others hire themselves out as mercenaries in human lands, and their skill in combat is legendary.

They have transparent skin and appear to be skeletons with a strange membrane around them.  This makes them quite difficult to detect.  In darkness they have a 5 in 6 chance of being undiscovered even while moving.  In other settings this is reduced to a 2 in 6 chance and to do so they must remain completely still.

Since they wish to take advantage of this, Ghul's are not trained to use any sort of armor.  Such armor would cause their body to be more visible.  They can, however, use shields and any weapon they can get their hands on.  Ghul's have the ability to regenerate injured tissue.  They regain 1 hit point per turn unless the injury was caused by fire.

Ghul's must have a 13 in one of their prime requisites to get a +5% experience bonus and 13 in both to receive a +10% bonus.

Reaching 8th Level: At 8th level a Ghul founds a tribe.  This attracts a large number of other Ghuls to them, and they look to him or her as a chief.  This tribe is most likely nomadic and will not be supported by a stronghold or other permanent structure.

Advancement Table


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!

  2. Congrats and double congrats on integrating the Newhonian ghoul into your campaign (very nice choice).

    I have them as bad guys crewing a mysterious golden barge in my own game. Quite fun.

  3. Congrats on joining the Century Club. Very cool take on the Ghoul as well. I like it.

  4. Post 100. How wonderful. Wishing you congrats and much more fun ahead.

  5. Nice job - always a big fan of Nehwon's ghouls. Might have to use one of these guys as a replacement PC in Megacrawl 3000.

  6. A class with a little bite. (sorry working on my pun quota for the day)

    The more classes the merrier.