Monday, December 19, 2016

News from the Dark Country: December 1392

It appears the situation in the Fog-bound Forest is worse than was previously feared. Baltzer the Bold, in his attempt to disperse the pagan rebels in the south, uncovered a diabolic coven within Blackleg itself! Under torture, several members admitted helping the wharwilfs and witches of the Fog-bound forest in some ritual meant to bring about a cursed Anti-savior sometime this month! Burnings and hangings continue.

Also from Blackleg, news has come that Arn's wife has given birth to a son, conceived before his death. The child is to be named Arn II of Blackleg and Baltzer the Bold is to continue to act as regent.

Van Toad Merchant Caravan has arrived in the village. It's sluggish merchants still seem active enough to croak about pig-men, bandits, ghouls, and stranger things along the road north. In addition, they are offering a full set of finely crafted hand weapons and frogling handgonnes for sale if the party wishes to supply the Howling Kommandos.

A group of masked figures cloaked in brown rags have arrived in the village. They have caused quite a stir due to the disturbing character of their masks and their furtive activities.

They spoke only to Kozel and identified themselves as some of Father Winter's Elves. There are three of them available and the party may pick whether they operate as men-at-arms or conjure men. They will only be available for the Christmas weekend game.

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