Friday, October 7, 2022

Some Announcements


First there is a new preview up at the IPD Patreon if you want to see what one of our geomorphs looks like.

I also have a new game on Start Playing for anyone who is interested in doing some Swords & Sorcery gaming nonsense. It takes place in Yavana. From the copy I wrote for Start Playing:

Beyond the world we know lies a land of high adventure: Yavana! A realm of steaming jungles, barren deserts, and ancient mountains! Yavana! Where primordial beasts from the dawn of our world still roam! Yavana! Where men pray to gods thought long dead and treat with the demons of outer space! Yavana! Where a cool head and a strong arm could win a king’s ransom in treasure! Be the first to see the strange Temple of Abzu where sharks swim through the air! Plunder the tomb of the First Man, a saurian monstrocity from ancient days! Defy the nefarious necromancer whose curse threatens a city with death! This is a sandbox campaign inspired by Sword & Sorcery fiction and adventure films of the mid 20th century. Players will take the role of warriors, freebooters, and sorcerers attempting to win fame, fortune, and glory. Game rules are Old School Essentials but only human characters are available. Challenge the savage world of swords & sorcery!

Finally, if you've been missing I Cast Light's Nightwick play reports Mycelium Mischef has taken up chronicling the adventures until Warren returns from hiatus. If you're interested in joining the adventures and perhaps dying in a hole, you can sign up here.