Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Cuccagna - a Tale Late in the Telling


An Explanation -- Dark Tunnels -- A Bright Snake -- A  Stratagem -- A Bag -- A Pit -- A Spell Gained

Characters Present
Jules Mozarin 1st Level Averois Magician
Maglor 1st Level Changeling
Tomantha, 1st Level Karslish Magician
Bouduin, 1st level Frogling

Baldassare - A cuccagnan magician now apprenticed to Jules
Giustiano and Scalvo - two greenhorn bravos


  • It's been a bit since I've actually run Cuccagna due to home life events but I also forgot to detail the last session I did run. This week we were ever to meet again and at least do some downtime actions and reaffirm where we were after the last session so hopefully play will begin again soon.
  • But the last time the delvers entered the vaults, they entered by the secret passage and made their way through long winding tunnels without sign of enemies until they came at last to a large, well appointed chamber.
  • Inside this carpeted sitting room was a scitalis, whose strange powers had many time vexed the party and killed several hirelings.
  • This time, however, Jules had a plan. Using a large piece of cloth, he draped it before his section of the formation like a wall, blocking sight of the beast. This lowered considerably their chance to hit but did turn them into a pretty effective little phalanx.
  • Boudin fought beyond this sight-block but luckily was unaffected by the creature's powers. 
  • However it was Baldassare's use of "the Spell of Exquisite Repose" which undid the serpent, and Jules instructed the party to force the snake into a large sack purchased for this purpose. Luckily the thing did not seem to use its strange ability to heat its body while slumbering.
  • Venturing just a little beyond into the finely appointed room, one of the characters gathered some amethyst cabochons and then set about leaving the dungeon.
  • Back in town Jules instructed some new hirelings in the construction of a pit, the maintenance of a tarp, and the use of buckets of water and mud to keep the creature unseen and cool. What plans he has for this being are as yet unknown even to the author.
  • Tomantha spent her downtime after this brief delve learning the "the Spell of Exquisite Repose" from those who had it. She was successful.
  • Boudin spent his time in rest along with the previously appearing cleric named Gax-exiled-from-his-own-council.
Monsters Defeated
1 Scitalis

Treasure Gained
2500gp in amethyst cabachons

XP Per Player