Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nightwick News Catch Up

My Nightwick players have been so busy with things in the dungeon that I have neglected the news for several months (since January!).  Here is a short summary of the major events that transpired while they were more interested in uncovering the secrets of the dungeon...

A Map of the Dark Country

In March of this year (1393), an Inquisitor from the Realm of Man arrived to investigate certain rumors that surround Bishop Notker the Unshaven and the death of Arn, son of Arnawald of Waldheim.  A short month into his investigation, the inquisitor was himself killed.  Now a new inquisitor has arrived and displaced the bishop from his palace until the matter can be resolved.

Meanwhile Baltzer the Bold, Lord of Blackleg since the death of Arn and Bishop Notker's Man, married Arn's wife to protect her from further depredations.  Unfortunately, she died tragically in a riding accident during torrential rain in May.  After what he felt was a suitable grieving time, he has announced he will be married this month to a young noblewoman from Nunshead.

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