Tuesday, October 19, 2010

15... You know what this is by now

In particular order.  Cross posted from my comment at Huge Ruined Pile

1. D&D 3.5
2. Call of Cthulhu (6th & d20)
3. Swords & Wizardry
4. Might and Magic VI and VII
5. Heroes of Might and Magic II and III
6. Zork!
7. Final Fantasy I, IV, V, and VI
8. Baldur's Gate I
9. Elder Scrolls II, III, and IV
10. Fallout 1 and 3
11. Star Wars: Saga Edition
12. Mage: the Awakening
13. WFRP (2e)
14. Diablo
15. Mongoose RuneQuest

Honorable mention: Legend of Dragoon (my first console RPG), Star Craft, and AD&D (1st).

I'm definitely leaving some stuff out, just not sure what.


  1. Sorry Evan, I don't know what this is. A lot of those are games that you like, but some of them seem out of place [like D&D 3.5 and Mage (if it were games you liked wouldn't you have put Hunter instead?)].

  2. "15 games in 15 minutes," pick the 15 games that meant the most to you in 15 minutes.

    3e/3.5 was the first game I ever ran and the one I've run the most, and that short lived Mage campaign had things in it Brandon and I still talk about as being well designed.