Friday, October 15, 2010

Raggi's Game

I've recently been looking at the player's rules for the LotFPRPG, and I'm very impressed.  This is not going to be a review, as there are many excellent ones out there if you want to look at them.  Also, the Character and Magic rules are free so just go take a look at them if you haven't already.

Though I think it has its flaws,  its innovations are more than enough to make me consider using it over Swords and Wizardry for Nightwick Abbey.  Almost all of my houserules can carry over from S&W with no trouble.

I see no problem with switching systems at this point as they're both OSD&D in some form, but also because play has not yet begun.  I'll still be using the same resources I was already using for monsters, treasure, and dungeon stocking since I only have the free player rules.  Also, I'm not going to take his advice on monsters.  I like Orcs.  Sue me.


  1. Would you be willing to list the things you like about it?

    I am still up in the air with my opinion, but I do know a few things I have issues with. I'd love to see if anyone has the time to list the pros and defend them (even superficially).

  2. If I do so it will be in another post, though I imagine if you're interested in such a list so are others.

  3. I think his advice for monsters applies somewhat poorly to dungeoneering. I have been trying to generate hordes of new monster types (I really ought to get a copy of his Esoteric Creatures book), but I note, they're "types" - more a remix than a revisioning. (Ratipedes are now clearly on the list.)

    I'd like to hear some of the improvements you like the best as well. For me the encumbrance is a winner. The "guess what? you know how to speak Gnoll!" is pretty neat, too.

    I have always thought that it wouldn't hurt for Fighters to have a little more of an edge in terms of literally fighting, but I'm not sure how much I like how Flame Princess addresses it - I'm more concerned with how fighter fights relative to a monster of similar HD/HP.

    Also LOTFP elves bite.

  4. Plus: Raggi's not-thief-but-"specialist" rules rule.

  5. @ mondbuchstaben

    You can find my thoughts on the specialist class in my write up of the pros and cons of his system.