Monday, October 25, 2010

Miniature Suggestions

I'm planning on expanding my miniatures collection to include more Nightwick specific figures (possibly the Underworld too, but it's a secondary concern).  I'm looking for some cheap but good looking figures, and I need some advice on where to find them.  I'm looking for either 10mm figs for wargaming purposes.  I'm planning on making a few scenarios from Nightwick's history and also -- at least one day -- to do my own Blackmoor.  I'm also looking for 24mm to 28mm sized suckers for the gaming table.  I'm kinda cheap so I don't mind plastic if they look good.  Hell I prefer them.  In my experience paint sticks to them better.

Heres the kinds I'm looking for.

The West -- High to Late Medieval French and German minis.
The Barbarians -- Early Anglo-Saxons, and Baltic Pagans if you can find them.  Rus' are also good.
Chaos -- Beastmen/Pig Faced orcs, skeletons who are actually armored in Medieval gear, nasty looking goblins (10mm is the hard part here I think).
The Sword Brothers -- I need some Teutonic Knight minis to represent the builders of Nightwick Abbey.  I'll possibly modify some to be all zombied-out for campaign purposes.
I have a shocking lack of demons, and no Medusas

That's about it for now.  I'll post again if I think of more.


  1. Otherworld Miniatures will do the pig-faced orcs for you, although they only do them in one scale as far as I'm aware.

  2. I'd start with the forums at ... there are a lot of threads discussing the pros and cons of different lines of historicals and fantasy figs at different scales. (It's a DBA/HotT site.)

    Historicals are easy at any scale, 10mm included. For fantasy figs in 10mm, your options are much more limited and you may find yourself taking what you can get.

    Warmaster Grave Guard from the Vampire Counts variant army may be your best bet for armored skellies in 10mm. I wouldn't hold my breath on pig-faced Orcs, but a variety of lines will serve if painted piggy-pink or flesh - no one's going to notice slight morphological differences in 10mm on the battlefield, and the GW Warmaster 10mm Orcs are at least pug-nosed.

    (I think I'm a reasonably good 10mm painter, and it still looks mainly like bits of color at the distance and in the numbers one usually deals with on the tabletop.)

  3. Man, I'm going to sound like a broken record but trying one of the better plastic 1/72 manufacturers gives good options. The Russian company Zvezda has great sculpted ranges in nearly everything you are looking for except the fantasy ones (Caesar though has a fantasy 1/72 range). At $8-10 a box for 40-50 figures it ends up being cheaper even than the smaller metal ranges.

    If you want metal 28mm medieval and Dark Ages figures that are nice and reasonably priced I would try Gripping Beast and/or Old Glory.

  4. Perry Miniatures makes some excellent and reasonably priced War of the Roses plastic sets. Wargames factory sell packs of 32 vikings or anglosaxons for about $19 in the USA. Static Games in Glasgow stock them, they flog them for about £20 a pack and take orders by email or phone. You can see pictures of them on My Dangerous Brian blog. Just follow the painted miniatures label. If you're interested let me know and I'll post contact details for Static. Finally, Gripping Beast do an excellent range of Teutonic Knights on foot or mounted.