Thursday, October 14, 2010

For Those Who Haven't Seen It


  1. So now I know why shield specifically stops magic missile.

    Can you imagine that scene being remade today, with all that gawd-awful literal-minded CGI?

  2. As opposed to gawd-awful animated stuff drawn onto the film? ;)

    This scene is great fun, though. Eight minutes between two character with no dialogue is the real thing you don't see nowadays.

  3. I'm actually a fan of the (non-animated) effects. Practical effects always look like something you can hold on to. CGI less so.

    Still, I'm not saying it isn't cheesy.

  4. Loved this movie since I was a tyke. And this scene is only one reason why.

    Yeah the effects are cheesy, but they had Richard Matheson writing the script, that was a big help, even with Roger Corman directing.

  5. Corman gets a bad rap. If you can watch the Haunted Palace and still tell me he's not a good director then I'll wear a chicken costume.