Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chances of Survival

While doing research on Caverns of Thracia, I ran across this play report (warning: contains spoilers), and in it I was reminded of this chart:

Constitution 15 or more:Add +1 to each hit die
Constitution 13 or more:Will withstand adversity
Constitution 9 - 12:60% to 90% chance of surviving
Constitution 8 or 7:40% to 50% chance of survival

Minus 1 from each hit die
I was wondering if anyone knew what the italicized portions meant.  I'm rather perplexed by them.

Note: I've copied the chart from the play report and not from the LBBs, so their may be some errors in phrasing.


  1. I'd suggest it refers either to survivability after being reduced to zero hit points or after receiving a raise dead/resurrection spell.

  2. You need a copy of the AD&D Player's Handbook. It is shorthand for the survivability ranks for Petrification, Resurrection, etc. Basically, you save vs. petrification to resist being turned to stone and then roll to survive the trauma.

    The chart originally appeared in the Men & Magic book from OD&D and was one of those tidbits that needed clear explanation (which it got in AD&D).

  3. @ Erin

    The reason that I posted this is that I'm considering using it with the "zero hit points" interpretation.

    @ The_Myth

    I do own the Player's Handbook but I care very little about what it says on the matter. I'm glad this is as ambiguous as it is because it allows me to make my own interpretation. I was just making sure I wasn't missing something in the LBBs.

  4. You're not the only one seeking clarity here. There may be more for you to see here: