Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Few Minor Updates

If all goes according to plan, tonight will be the first of many chat games to take place in Nightwick Abbey and its environs.  So far I have only three regularly committed players, and two who have agreed to come in and out. I'll only have the three tonight.

For now, due largely to the Elf issue, I will not be allowing the players to be Demihumans.  This may change as the campaign progresses and new characters need to be introduced, but for now it's a Human only party.

Somewhat sparked by the imminent game, I've decided to hammer out what names are typically like in the Nightwick setting.  I'm not going to dictate the player's names, obviously, but I am going to give them some suggestions.  My general idea is to base the names on names which were common in the Middle ages but have largely fallen out of use.  Odo, Adhemar, Ludivec, that sort of thing.  As a corollary to that, French and English names will represent people from the West, who are allied with the Church, and Frankish and Anglo-Saxon forms of those names will denote pagan peasants.

Finally, I'll have updated my Appendix N.  One of the additions will undoubtedly be contentious, but I don't really care.  It influences me, so it's on there.


  1. Regarding elves... have you thought about changelings? Demihuman characters in your campaign could be that

  2. What are the new ones? Maybe Hawk the slayer and...?

  3. I added the Raven under Roger Corman.