Friday, September 23, 2011

As if I needed another project...

In honor of both the first year anniversary of this blog and my new found love of Mongoose Traveller, I've decided to start a side blog dedicated to the development of my Terran Space setting.  You can find more about the project here.

I'll definitely be updating In Places Deep far more regularly, but I felt that another blog would both help me better collect my Traveller setting related material in an organized fashion and help maintain the OSD&D theme of this blog.


  1. Looking forward to it. I nearly purchased the Mongoose Traveller book #1 but held off--maybe your new blog will help me decide between it and Stars Without Number...

  2. Erin, I highly recommend Mongoose Traveller. Mongoose has captured the basic elements of Original Black Book Traveller and has streamlined it and gotten rid of the quirks (i.e. character death on generation, having an old character with no skills, etc.) The game is fully compatible with Original Traveller.

  3. @BTS: Thanks for the rec. Full disclosure: I never played Traveller, for lack of interested players. I've been slowly reviewing the Classic Traveller CD, and encouraged by your comment, I picked up the Mongoose pocket rulebook at the FLGS today and liked what I've read so far. I think the next step is to roll up a few characters. Thanks again!