Thursday, September 29, 2011

Greyhawk Session 3 Part 1

Only four of the normal gang of six players could make it, so this session saw...

Xel -- a mysterious Gnome Fighter/Thief
Slimey -- a similarly mysterious Thief from a far off land
Synecdoche -- a Dwarf danger magnet
Nilrem -- Sinister wizard

lead an two delves into the dungeons beneath Greyhawk Castle.  The events of the session began on the first day of Brewfest, and Greyhawk was filled with various drunken activities.  The party met at the Green Griffin to plan their expeditions, but the tavern had filled to capacity.  Outside was a crowed of drunken revelers carousing in the typical fashion for the holiday.

Seeing that some of them were ignorant farm girls, Slimey tried to get lucky.  He found one who seemed interested, but when he asked her if her two friends could join them they all turned away in disgust.  I used a heavily handwaved version of the AD&D henchman hiring rules for this exchanged, and the entire table thanked me for not roleplaying that out.

While Slimey was so engaged, the party noticed a strange procession coming down the street.  It consisted of a few priests supporting a statue resembling this:

Behind them were a number of farmers carrying baskets filled with turnips, cabbages, and other produce.  Several of the revelers approached the priests and placed coins in various slots at the base of the statue.  Doing so caused a dark-ish liquid to shoot out of one of its breasts, corresponding to which slot was used.  The party pretty much unanimously agreed this was the best invention ever, and each set upon the priests so that they might partake of the alcoholic drink that lay within the statue.  Even Xel was able to get some, after a nearby farmer raised him up to the statue.  To their surprise, it was not beer but instead a delicious mead.

After this the party more or less split up.  Synecdoche and Slimey engaged in a drinking contest, which ended quickly as Slimey passed out after a single drink.  Their contest was decided with a save vs. poison by each player, and Slimey's botched the first roll.  Nilrem gave a coin to Baldric, his hideous henchmen, so that he might use the statue.  "Avail yourself of the contents of one tit," Nilrem told him.  Misunderstanding this, Baldric rushed immediately to the nearest brothel.  Nilrem then muscled his way inside the Green Griffin to speak to Boris the Bloated Bartender.  He managed to cut a deal with Boris that would secure the entirety of the Griffin's rooms for the party and their retainers.  My co-DM and I decided that the cost of this should be rolled into the monthly upkeep of the characters, since we are using that rule from AD&D.

Xel, realizing he would not be able to sleep in the inn until after brewfest was over -- the Griffin was booked full for the festival -- headed to the park of pleasures to find a place to squat for awhile.  In the park where a number of troupes performing plays with odd masks and in strange dialects.  Xel also bumped into the park creeper that Slimey had met while looking for the Dryads who supposedly perform sexual favors.  The Gnome tailed him awhile, and saw the man duck into a secret door concealed in an ancient oak tree.

The next day, Synecdoche hid his gold under the floorboards of his room at the Griffin before meeting with the rest of the party.  They hired two somewhat-sober men to act as porters, and marshaled four of the fourteen men-at-arms they had picked up last session.  With that, they cut their way through the Thieves Quarter of the Old City into the Warrens and eventually out of Castlegate and towards the tumbled pile of Castle Greyhawk.

Continued in Part 2

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