Sunday, September 4, 2011

Terran Space

A couple of months ago I started an online campaign (pre G+) for a group of old friends.  Due to their mutual love of sci fi and the series Firefly we decided to use Mongoose's version of the Traveller System for a sandbox sci fi game.  The campaign is currently on hold due to the fact that it's difficult enough to run one game while in grad school, let alone two.

I thought I'd use my blog to dump some of the as yet unused material.  Much of the following posts was generated using Rob Conley's excellent system for making a Traveller sandbox.

For some reason I decided to use the aliens from Galactic Civilizations rather than the standard Imperium setting.  The technology is the same as the regular Traveller setting, I just wanted some different aliens.  At the time of the campaign, the Terran Imperium has absorbed the Iconian Refuge and the Arcean Empire.  The first was an act of colonialism, the second occured in order to protect the Arceans from extinction at the hands of the Drengin.  The only other alien species the Imperium is aware of is the Korx, who they maintain stable trading relations with.  The Imperium and the Drengin are currently in the midst of a cold war that will likely soon turn hot.

That's the background for the subsector I had planed for the action to take place in.  If you're one of the players in that campaign, I advise you to not read the next several posts in order to avoid spoilers.

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