Thursday, September 29, 2011

Greyhawk Session 3 Part 2

Part 1

Upon arriving in the dungeon's entry hall, they realized that their previous mapper had the East and West directions on the map flipped.  They decided they'd tell everyone they did it on purpose in order to confuse anyone who stole their map.  They decided to head south this time, and eventually wound up in a colonnaded chamber so large that they could not see it's end with their torches.

They decided to send Xel ahead to investigate, since he was already in the front of the party and could see without the aid of a torch.*  As he entered the chamber, a loud voice from the ceiling proclaimed "WELCOME TO CASTLE GREYHAWK!"  A giant lizard, attracted by the noise, came into the chamber looking for an easy meal.  While it did not spot Xel, the party's torches attracted the creature.

It rushed up immediately.  It then grabbed Synecdoche in its terrible jaws and shook him like a dog with a chew toy. This left Synechdoche terribly wounded and he immediately passed out.  Xel moved in to backstab the creature; however, he was unable to score a hit.  Nilrem managed to pelt it with a few darts, and Slimey similarly tried to use his sling.  Unfortunately, Slimey botched and hit the hireling in front of him square in the back of the head, killing him instantly.  When all seemed lost, Baldric -- Nilrem's hideous henchmen -- moved to the front of the formation with his two-handed sword and sliced the top of the lizard's head off (from the upper jaw up).  He made this into a grim, and huge, trophy necklace.

Realizing that they would need to get Synecdoche to a cleric soon, they immediately dragged him out of the dungeon and headed towards town.  At Castlegate they were stopped by an tax collector in a poofy hat.  They were able to get by him without wasting too much time, but the only temple near enough to service them was dedicated to Garl Glittergold.  They healed him, but due to the severity of his wounds he would need to rest for the rest of Brewfest.

The rest of the party either spent the rest of the festival doing foul deeds (Nilrem and Baldric) or at Synecdoche's bedside (Xel and Slimey).  Once that week was over, the players each payed upkeep, to represent the cost of their Rock'n'Roll lifestyle, and I rolled to see if any of them would suffer from some hideous disease.  It turns out Synecdoche had contracted scabies.  This caused his beard to fall out, and due to this humiliation he went to get it healed at the temple of Moradin in the Bad Food District.

After this, the party once again met at the Green Dragon to organize another outing.  Nilrem told Baldric to give a speech to motivate the hirelings in order to compensate for the fact that Slimey killed one of them on the last expedition.  His "speech" consisted of berating and spitting on them through his hair lip.

They then made their way back to the castle, once again with four light infantry and two porters.  This time, they decided to explore the system of hallways that had contained a strange demon and a chest filled with fake gold coins.  They found a large room containing a stagnant pool.  Disturbing the pool caused three killer frogs to emerge, but these were quickly slain.  Investigating the pool revealed that their were a number of silver coins at the bottom, and the party ordered the men-at-arms to get in it and fill some sacks with coins.  They then left the dungeon with their new booty.

That's where the session ended.  We forgot to ask them whether or not they plan to explore the dungeon more next week or if they want to go out into the wilderness.  I've tried to mix the mechanical information in a bit more with the text this time.

It was a tremendously fun session, and I'm glad I was able to inject a bit more flavor into the city itself.

* I typically rule that the presence of torches dulls this sense since it doesn't allow their eyes to adjust to the darkness.

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