Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Greyhawk Session 2

The adventures who descended into the dungeons beneath Greyhawk Castle this week included...

Akzey -- Shield maiden of Kos, God of Dooms (cleric)
Leerc -- Laconic Elf fighter
Nilrem -- Evil wizard in training
Slimey -- a mysterious thief from foreign lands
Synecdoche -- Dwarven fighter and the newest member of the group

After meeting up in the Green Griffin in, they decided to hire a few linkmen and porters to replace those men who died in the expedition on the 8th of Harvester.  Four men, Ahlpa, Xofrot, Elarch, and Ovarb, offered their services in exchange for 10 silver a day.  After hiring these men, they decided to head immediately to the dungeon rather than waiting for Xel, who was no doubt out on Gnomish buisness.

The wound their way through the streets of the Thieves quarter into the slummier sections of Greyhawk's East Side.  Exiting through Castlegate they made their way up the hill towards the tumbled pile of the old fortress.  Entering once again, they attempted to return to the chamber that held the strange statue with the coin slot.  Unfortunately, they were intercepted by a giant lizard who terribly wounded Synecdoche.  This was made worse when slimey hurled a flask of oil onto the beast, despite the fact that Akzey and Synecdoche were in melee with it.  Both were wounded, and Synecdoche fell unconscious.  Akzey quickly healed him, and the party continued onward.

They managed to move the lizard's carcass out of the way and push onward into the room without further incident.  This time, Akzey decided to place a gold coin in the slot.  After whirring around and playing strange music once again, Akzey was treated with information on the true nature of the cosmos (500xp).  This time, the statues face became that of a smiling, disheveled man, lacking the sinister teeth it did previously.

The same runes appeared on the dais as did last time, but Nilrem had prepared read magic in order to analyze them.  After casting it he was able to interpret the strange glyphs.  "OUT OF ORDER: CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR."  A bit bemused by this, the party explored a passage beyopnd this chamber.

Due to an error on my part, I had accidentally described a nearby room (since they had indicated a different door than I thought they had).  In reality it was a hallway, but I had already rolled their search for secret doors checks for the room, so I decided to keep the rolls.  The hallway did in fact have a secret door containing a chest bursting with treasure.   Greatly pleased with this, the party changed their formation to allow two of the porters to carry the chest and for them to be surrounded by the more combat capable members of the group.

On their way out they encountered a large number of kobolds.  Neither side seemed to want to engage in hostilities, and talking to them revealed that they were merely trying to get to the statue room.  When jokingly encouraged to go in, the kobolds revealed they simply wished to repair the statue for further use.  These seem to be the the "administrators."

Once back in town, Akzey and Slimey spent most of their money on training costs, which I am using because my co-DM is more or less a by the book AD&D sort of fellow.  Meanwhile, the others decided to find more men at arms and possibly a few henchmen to employ with their copious amount of gold.  Nilrem managed to attract a hideous fighting man named Baldric to be his body guard.  It was decided that he would keep Baldric's morale up with a copious supply of doxies, courtesans, and other such working women.  Meanwhile, Synecdoche managed to hire 14 light footmen to aid in their dungeon expeditions.  He and Nilrem contributed to their equipment and prepared for a dungeon delve for the two of them and their servants.  Leerc placed a notice for a henchman, but as yet has received no applicants.  It is likely this will change next week.

Nilrem and Synecdoche decided to take their small army on a raid into Greyhawk Castle while the other party members were busying themselves about the city.  They explored a bit down a new corridor, finding a large chest of treasure guarded by a strange, bloated humanoid with glowing white eyes.  One of the light footmen popped him with his spear and he dissipated into a fine mist.  They took the chest back to the surface, only to discover the coins it contained were merely copper pieces painted gold.  

This is where we more or less ended the session.  I believe the party is going to attempt to find a house or other building to act as a hq for their expanding operation.  I'm not quite sure how to price such property as yet.  I do like the idea, if only because it will prevent them from dragging twenty retainers into the dungeon each session.

Inconsistencies with other versions of the Free City of Greyhawk are to be expected.  I've been using Zak's urbancrawl system to make the city.


  1. Huh, no Talde or Hoec?

    Why's "dissipated into" greyed out?

  2. Yeah, yeah, you said I didn't do anything at the game but Leerc put an arrow in that lizards eye to end that fight. Good times!

  3. Oh, right! I did note that you looked for a henchman as well.