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The Periphery: Patron Encounters and Rumors

Here is the information for steps 11-13.  This is the last of the information I created for the campaign, and I'll return to regularly scheduled D&D content soon.

1.       A corporate agent wants the party to investigate a murder committed within his organization using a strange weapon.
2.       A Noble wants the party to retrieve data from a crash landed research vessel on a hostile planet.
3.       A thief needs you to plant some illegal trade goods inside a police station.
4.       A courier cannot get a message to another traveller because the traveller is being monitored by the Imperium.  He asks the party to find a way to deliver it.
5.       A contact or ally of the PCs wants them to hijack a Korx ship in order to seize the “juice” aboard it.
6.       A minor noble wants the party to see if pirates are building a base in a system in the Rift.

1.       An imperial agents wants the party to hijack a ship tacking important imperial intelligence to the Korx.
2.       A farmer, who claims to be a member of the resistance but is actually an Imperial agent, wants you to rescue his brother who is on a damaged laboratory vessel in deep space.
3.       The starport administrator wants the party to transport a member of the consulate to a more secure world.  He is being stalked by Derengin assassins!
4.       A tribal leader asks the party to investigate the murder of a farmer by a group of thugs.

1.       An Iconian ambassador wants the party to find the wreckage of a research station in the rift and bring back any information they can.
2.       A human agent working for the Korx will attempt to deceive the players into being attacked by pirates.
3.       A naval pilot wants the crew to bring some illegal items (food) to the downtrodden inhabitants.
4.       A revolutionary wants the crew to plant a weapon on a pro-imperial noble.

1.       A scout officer wants you to explore a ruined part of the underwater city, against the wishes of the Iconians.
2.       A human ambassador wants you to retrieve data from an imperial contractor that has been arming saboteurs.
3.       An imperial official wants you to sabotage a ship bringing goods to the workers under the surface.
4.       A human leader wants you to investigate some criminals who have stolen an alien artifact.

1.       A human agent for the Korx wants the crew to salvage a wrecked free trader the Korx had hired to investigate Ancient ruins.  The ship currently houses a number of Yor prototypes.
2.        A “union” leader wants you to investigate the theft of some medical supplies.
3.       A corporate agent wants you to steal the cargo of another free trader and deliver it to his employer.
4.       A Korx wants the crew to transport some weapons off of the planet quickly.

New Iconia
1.       An imperial agent wants the party to steal an Iconian artifact from a museum.
2.       An assassin wants you to steal a mercenary ship with obvious markings so that he may use it to assassinate an Iconian leader.
3.       An Iconian terrorist wants you to destroy a public statue guarded by imperial marines.
4.       A corporate agent wants you to find out what happened to an Iconian government official.  He is currently being held by imperial authorities.

1.       A clerk serving one of the local nobles wants the party to salvage a space station.  Unfortunately it’s already being salvaged by the Korx.
2.       A financer wants you to pick up a large shipment using a massive cargo hauler he has stolen.  He will not tell the players the last bit, but it will show up on any scans made by authorities.
3.       An assassin in the employ of one of the local lords wants the party to retrieve an artifact that was stolen by another lord.
4.       A Korx wants you to assist in the theft of goods being supplied to one of the lords by another group of Korx.

1.       A financier working with the Imperium wants you to prevent the theft of computer data by a group of Iconians.
2.       An Iconian terrorist wants the party to sabotage a shipment of supplies to the imperial outpost.
3.       An embezzler wants the party to plant faulty computer data in the imperial records in order to get him off the hook.
4.       A free trader wants mercenaries to attack the pirate base in the system.

1.       An Imperial diplomat wants the party to stop a heavily guarded shipment of juice.
2.       An imperial spy would like the party to pretend to be pirates looking for work with the Korx to see what they’re up to.
3.       A Korx administrator wants someone to steal a shipment of “juice” from a pirate who is holding out on them.
4.       A Korx wishing to make some money on the side wants to ship weapons to one of the occupied worlds in this subsector.  He’s willing to provide a cargo hauler if he can find a crew.

New England
1.       A resistance leader wants someone to infiltrate the governor’s compound and steal evidence of his abuse.
2.       A researcher is looking for someone to take him deep into the Rift to find a world he suspects will provide the Imperium with various trade goods.
3.       An Imperial police officer wants someone to prevent the theft of a Yacht by one of the Noble’s flunkies.
4.       A corporate agent would like help in convincing the governor to allow some dubiously legal enterprises on his planet.  Unfortunately, he has a shrewd vizier.

1.       A Corporate agent wants someone to recover a cargo lost near the Aor system.
2.       A scholar wishes that someone would discover what happened to the starport on Prometheus.
3.       A Clerk needs an outside party to investigate a freetrader working for a megacorp.
4.       A corporate spy wants to dig up dirt on a financier working for an Imperial supplier.

1.       An embezzler needs the party to salvage a datapad from a wrecked cargo hauler.  Unfortunately it’s currently being investigated by the Imperial government.
2.       A smuggler wants someone to sabotage a medical center housed in a laboratory ship so that she can steel medical supplies.
3.       A belter wants someone to murder a meddlesome police officer while he’s in his police cutter.
4.       A scout officer believes someone has set up a research station on Aor.  Someone needs to take it down!

1.       A researcher needs someone to bring him a large amount of illegal radioactive materials.
2.       A noble wants to explore the Aor system, despite the fact that it’s a capital crime.
3.       A clerk wants someone to hijack a laboratory ship that’s performing illegal experiments.
4.       A minor noble wants someone to go to Prometheus and recover an alien artifact.

1.       A new drug called “juice” only affects aliens.
2.       No one knows what caused Prometheus to fail.
3.       Farmers and workers in the Periphery have been arming themselves.
4.       The Imperium wants things to go smoothly in the region because another war with the Derengi is looming.
5.       A crew that misjumped into Aor was executed publicly in Clovis.
6.       The Imperium is thinking about closing the route from Kasander to Diteen.
7.       The Iconians are scared of something.
8.       The researchers on Prometheus discovered evidence of a previously unknown alien race.
9.       There are habitable planets in the rift, they’re just too far away for most engines to reach them.
10.   Resistance movements on multiple worlds are starting to discuss unification.
11.   The Korx’s biggest trading partner is actually the Drengi
12.   The Imperium isn’t ready for the eventual rebellion.

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