Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Periphery: Subsector Map and Updated UWPs

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Ceres     0102   B557565-8   T C    Ag Ga NI      GG
Pepin     0104   A547477-11  N R T  Ga NI         GG
Laconia   0107   C958963-6   S R    Ga Hi         GG
Hohenstaufen 0108 B794422-8  T      Ga NI         GG
Enaar     0202   DABA988-7   S      Fl Hi In Wa   GG
Guthrum   0204   E646440-5   P      Ga Lt NI      RG
Nibelung  0206   B1219B9-10  S R T C   Hi In Na Po G
New Iconia 0304  A5A95A9-11 N T C  Fl NI          GG
Antioch   0305   B547551-11 T      Ag NI          GG
Diteen    0306   C9A9878-9  S P    Fl           AG  
Prometheus 0307  C615000-5         Ba IC Lt NI    RG
Shalom    0309   C888566-5         Ag Ga Lt NI    GG
0ndizak   0405   E326500-9  S      NI             A
Hattin    0408   D330766-3  S      De Lt Na Po    G
New England 0503 B551754-7  T      Po             G
Crecy     0504   C657A99-10 S C    Ga Hi          GG
Kasander  0505   C250689-7         De NI          G
Martell   0508`  B575763-5  S R    Ag Ga NI       GG
Clovis    0509   A100524-15 S T C  Ht Va          GG
We Made It 0701  D310879-6         Na             GG
Minerva   0703   A6578C9-12 R T    Ga Ht Ri       G
Caesarius 0803   C2018B9-10 T C    IC Va          GG
Thule     0804   C7CA552-11 S R P  Wa             AG
Alexios   0805   D3226B6-8  S      Na Po          GG
Aor       0806   X767310-4         Ga Lo          RG

Not sure if anybody cares about my Traveller nonsense, but here is some more of it anyway.  I'm rather smitten with Mongoose's version of the rules, and I might start another blog to service my development of a setting for it.  Not sure if that'll happen yet, but I'm thinking about it.

The key for the maps can be found here.


  1. I care allright. It's always interesting to see another persons take on things.

  2. I love Mongoose Traveller, and always love seeing subsector maps