Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nightwick Abbey ConstantCon (Session 1?)

Last I ran Nightwick Abbey on G+ for two ConstantCon players and my wife.  I thought I would have three players plus an old friend of mine, but one of the players said he hadn't used G+ before so I told my wife to make a character just in case.*  As it happened, both that player and my old friend couldn't make the game.  To make up for it I gave the players two free men-at-arms.

It lasted only about half an hour longer than my face to face sessions with the Knoxville group, but we got much more playing done because we didn't spend as much time bullshitting.  I don't mind bullshitting. It's part of the game, but it is nice when you can keep on task sometimes.

The characters were Rando the Halfling (from Wessex) and Sigmar the Viking (who I believe was made especially for this game), Zebina the Cleric, and Dominic the Chartreuse.

Here are some random bullet-pointed notes to summarize the game...

  • The party went on three separate expeditions.  Two ended rather badly.
  • Most of the monsters they encountered were of the undead variety, but there were some human-skin clad berserk devil-worshipers.
  • Zebina died on the second excursion and so my wife played a character I had made for my friend (Dominic).
  • We jokingly decided that this version of Nightwick Abbey was somewhere in 12th Century Transylvania because one of the characters was a Viking and the other was from Jeff's Wessex game.
  • Apparently cultists in medieval Transylvania spoke pig Latin.  Who knew?
  • The session was light on monetary treasure, but they found two magic swords:  Man-Killer, a +1 lifedrinker, and Stabber, a +1 short sword.  
I may post a more full write up later, but my memory is a bit hazy at the moment.  I think it was a good session, though I was a bit mush mouthed at times and at one point I forgot what a fresco is. 

I put the "(Session 1?)" up there not because I'm thinking of running it again with the same people, but because I enjoyed it enough to possibly run it in a manner similar to what Jeff does with Wessex (a rotating pool of players).  More on that later.


  1. That sounds like an awesome game. Wish I had been free I would have loved to rolled some dice with you and the Ms. :)

  2. I hate the mush mouthes, I've been getting bad cases of them recently. I'm rusty as a DM, I'm talking too much and saying too little. Not creating the right kind of immersive atmosphere I mean to.

  3. Would have loved to take part myself (if you would have me) but alas, I was busy myself. Hopefully next time?

  4. Oh, yeah. I meant to say the named magic weapons was cool.

  5. I enjoyed it enough to possibly run it in a manner similar to what Jeff does with Wessex (a rotating pool of players).

    You should do that!