Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Aliens of the Directorate: Reptoids

Appearance and Biology
Reptoids are, as the name suggests, vaguely reptilian humanoids.  They are taller than humans on average but typically appear leaner.  Their heads are large and round, with strangely beak-like mouths and massive, deep-set eyes.  Unlike Terran reptiles, Reptoids are able to regulate their own body temperature - though they tend to still be more vulnerable to cold than other sophants.

Females and males are virtually indistinguishable to other species.

Reptoids constantly rewrite their own history, so it is difficult for outsiders to know the truth.  Reptoids use scholarship of all types in order to justify or undermine existing power structures rather than to satisfy intellectual curiosity. They currently possess no true homeworld, and some Reptoid officials have told Directorate scouts and xenologists that they originated on Terra, and that they were responsible for uplifting humans.  These Reptoids claim their species did this in order to use the humans against their [Click] masters, a plan which apparently backfired.

While a compelling story, and one that seems to have precedents in ancient Terran legends, scholars of comparative xenology at many of the Directorate's state funded techno-universities have confirmed that the Reptoids make similar claims about the [Click] and a number of other alien species with which they have contact, supposedly slotting themselves into existing mythologies in order to place themselves in an ideological position of power.

What is known about them is that they were one of the first species to rebel against the [Click] Empire when the Directorate began reaching its hand out to grasp the stars.  Since then they have served the Directorate as spies among other alien populations, though several members of the Steering Committee and the College of Thought believe they are using this position to spread misinformation and to further their own interests.  Outside of their limited governmental function, Reptoids are typically second class citizens in Directorate space.

Reptoids are known for their paranoia, deceitfulness, and self-serving natures.  Every Reptoid believes himself to be the most important being in the universe and all other things existing solely as resources to be exploited.  To humans, this often makes them appear as a species of sociopaths.  It also has made it easy for other interstellar powers to manipulate them.  This attitude is believed to have been in part due to their evolution - since their ancestors are believed to have eaten their own siblings, children, and even parents.

Reptoids are consummate schemers and sadists in the Harkonnen mold; however, to the face of their human superiors they tend to be obsequious and fawning to a ludicrous, obviously feigned degree.  They tend to dress similarly to the dominate species in the part of the galaxy they're in - Terran fasions in the Directorate, [Click] garb in the alien successor states.  Armin Shimmerman would play a Reptoid.

Reptoids as Player Characters
Natural Armor, Natural Weapons (Claws), -1 to tests made in cold environments, regenerate any lost limb in 1d6 weeks, and roll twice for Social Standing, using the lower score as their standing among non-Reptoids


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  2. "Reptoids use scholarship of all types in order to justify or undermine existing power structures rather than to satisfy intellectual curiosity."

    I can't imagine.

    An interesting species.