Saturday, January 19, 2019

What the Roglaras is Like

Precis:  A brutal wilderness filled with the ruins of past civilizations, idolatrous warlords, and small communities huddling against the perils of the wilds and the treacheries of men.

Conspectus: The vassals of the Invincible Overlord lording it over tiny villages; the dreaded pirates of Hargost, kept at bay only by the Overlord's sea serpent ally; the scheming lords of Warik, exiles from the lands of the City State; Battleplain Gwalion, where the dead men of a thousand wars rise from their cairns to fight the living; the Moonraker Moorlands, blasted wastes haunted by the degenerate remnants of an ancient empire; the ruins of that empire - might Orichalca whose pyramid tombs and might temples stretched across Barbarian Altanis; the roaming Altanians, who act as mercenaries, hunters, and raiders; the Skandik reavers of Ossary and Croy who seek slaves and enemy chieftains to sacrifice to their gods; the great cedar forest of the Dearthwood, and the bloodthirsty orcs who lie within; the Mermist Marshes - home to strange toadlike creatures and the degenerates who worship them; Alryan city-dwelling merchants always out for a swindle; the Dwarf fortress of Thunderhold and the ancient mountain home they left behind; the raiders of the Tharbrian Coast, wild horseman and archers; prehistoric animals who hunger for the blood of man; hobbits, elves, and gnomes under the heel of cruel Alryan or Skandik overlords; good-natured warriors or priests trying to better the pirates they rule over; the volcanic spray of the Cloudwall Mountains; the Isle of the Twelve, where Hephaestus himself set up the statues of the Gods

Taste; Sound; Image: Goat milk and venison,  Basil Poledouris's "The Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom," the above still from The Story of Joseph and His Brothers

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