Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Order of the Elk

The Order of the Elk is a holy order of knights dedicated to the Church of Law. They view themselves as protectors of the race of Man, regardless of their wards' religious affiliation. The universalizing of this mission has caused a stir among the more conservative members of the Church, who believe that pagans and their ilk should be slaughtered or at least left for the waiting jaws of their own "gods." Currently, Pope Palapatinius endorses them, though only meekly. Due to this controversy, the order lacks the prestige and resources of their brother organizations the Knights of the Dragon and the Knights in White Satin; however, recently they have gained some power in and around the Bishopric of Lychgate, and currently pursue war with Arnawald the Black Eagle.

The eyes of the sheep are ever on the shepherd.

  • The God of Law seeks to extend his protection to the whole of the race of Man.
  • Valiant deeds of arms will win converts to the Law.
  • Fighting the Old Gods is but a distraction from the true war against the Pit.
  • Establish strongholds that can defend against the forces of Darkness.
  • Defeat agents of the Pit in open warfare.
  • Clear a ruin that may be rebuilt into a castle for the order.
  • Slay a vicious monster terrorizing a village.
  • Defeat a diabolist knight in a duel.

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