Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quick Greyhawk Related Question

Whats up with the countries that have the same names with different titles in front of them, like Ulek?


  1. Divided by races of demihumans, mostly:

    County = Gnomes/Halflings

    Duchy = Elves

    Principality = Dwarves

  2. No, Urnst is purely political.

    Both were formerly controlled by Nyrond, now independent, they still give troops to aid the Nyrondese versus the Great Kingdom.

    The Duchy has more wealth and influence than the County, which itself is under the Duchy's protection, but not subservient.

  3. Kind of like Virginia and West Virginia!

  4. The Urnsts were provinces of Nyrond, the Uleks were provinces of Keoland, as were the duchy of geoff, earldom of sterich, sea princes, etc.