Saturday, December 17, 2011

ConstantCon: Rupert the Frogling has something to sell you

Rupert van Toad, resident slimy merchant and frogling, has just received an odd item in his most recent shipment of goods.  It is a mauve potion in a clear flask.  He has no idea what it is, but he's willing to make some money off of it. 

As such, the frogling's cart outside the walls is now offering this Mystery Potion (tm) to any willing to pay the price.  The bidding starts at 100sp.*

Characters who are on the Nightwick Abbey list or who have been to Nightwick Abbey before may bid on the Mystery Potion (tm).  To do so, state the amount of money you are willing to bid in the comments of this post.  Bidding closes at 12:00 AM EST December 21st.

*King Stephen and Empress Matilda are well known for diluting their currency.  If your character has gold pieces, those only count as silver pieces for the purposes of this auction.  Sadly, this is true even if the character is not from Wessex because the Froglings mistrust all such coins.


  1. I'll make it 200 if you throw in a map.

  2. I think it's unfair to blame either Stephen or Matilda. There's just too dang busy slaughtering each other's peasant levies to properly regulate the minters.

  3. Your advertising graphics are brilliant.

  4. But if you throw the map in, it'll get soggy!