Friday, December 2, 2011

EPT Session Report: The Tale of Dagazar

I, Dagazar, who came to the city of Jakalla seeking fame and fortune, had until just a few days ago only found poverty and despair.  The gates that lead from the Foreign Quarter to the areas of the city where real wealth can be obtained are locked tighter than the chastity belt of a virgin sacrifice to Sarku three days before her death.  With my last golden kaitar gone into the hand of some wine maker, I no longer could afford to live in the meager tenement that had served as my abode since I arrived in the City Half as Old as the World.

But, as I was out on the street with only my sword an armor to keep me company, I overheard two gentlemen discussing a plan to win gold for themselves.  They were from distant lands, just as I am, and they were planning to explore the manor house of Kotaru hiChakresa.  I offered them my services as a slayer of men and beasts, and they graciously accepted -- allowing me a share of whatever treasure we might find in that abandoned house.

After acquiring what little supplies we could attain in the Foreign Quarter, we paid a fisherman to take us in his small boat out to the island on which sits the manor.  Rather than landing on the beach, as we saw other ships had done, we decided to circle around the island to get a feel for the place.  While doing so, we spotted what we knew to be a sea cave and decided that this cave would be the place we began our adventure.

We waded in the chest deep water, with me being careful to carry my pack over my head so as not to wet my supply of torches.  Luckily we soon found a dry enough place to light a torch and continue on into the "caves."  My companions were Orin the Wise and Orin the Witless.  Orin the Wise was a priest of some god who is foreign to my people, and I would guess foreign to Jakalla as well.  Orin the Witless was a warrior much like myself, but he was given to a pride that may one day prove to be the death of him.

I went ahead with my torch, and we soon found both an idol wrought from a strange stone with gold decorations that made it appear most valuable and an obsidian dagger that was too large to comfortably fit a man's hand.  I shudder to think what dark creature could have carried such a thing.  Soon after this we found that the cave was only a small part of a larger complex, and after the cavernous antechamber we were greeted with the squared masonry of -- presumably -- human hands.

We did not get very far down these man made corridors before we heard the sound of voices gibbering in some tongue foreign both to my islands and the wretched city in which I find myself.  Orin the Wise seemed to understand their ramblings and warned us of their approach.  Orin the Witless and I set an ambush that would prevent their travelling further down the hall, and we waited for them to arrive.  They soon did so.  Both were soldiers in some foreign army my comrades inform me is an enemy to Jakalla.

Through bravery and force of arms we attacked and slew a host of the villains.  Wishing to be modest, I only took two of their heads as trophies so that the others of my tribe would not be jealous.  We then took what little valuables the heathens possessed and returned to Jakalla.  There, some acolytes of Sarku were willing to mummify my trophies so that everyone might know who brought those two to their end.  I have tied them to my belt, and there they will remain.  Hopefully soon I will be able to add others.


  1. I like the style of the report. Well done, and may we see more of it! :)

  2. You actually made it into the underworld proper, mazel tov.

    Three sessions in and we never actually made it past the cave mouth--curse the cohort god that handles childcare (Chiteng?).

  3. Tra! To venture into danger and emerge not only intact but with rich rewards! A most noble endeavor! Much finger-snapping for all three of you.

  4. Orin the Wise shakes his head at the ignorance of the unbeliever but acknowledges the prowress of Dagazar's blade and his skill in using it. Clearly the obsidian dagger and idol are part of an earth mother cult and great power may be found therein by studying those objects.

  5. dood dagazar is my name dat i use for my gaming stuff (youtube,minecraft)
    nice to read somthing about me!