Monday, August 20, 2012

Monster Monday: Monsters for a More Grim and Perilous Dark Country

I'll be moving back to Hattiesburg soon, and after talking to some of my old players it looks very likely that I'll be running the Dark Country using WFRP 2e.  As such, I decided to convert the monsters that I felt I most need - the ones without which it just wouldn't be the Dark Country.  Here they are:

Awful Rats
Awful rats are hideous combinations of crow and rat.  Specifically, they are extremely large rats with the head of a crow.  They scuttle about the haunted ruins of the Dark Country.  They particularly delight in the taste of human eyes.

Awful Rat Statistics

Skills: Concealment, Dodge Blow, Perception Swim
Talents: Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Strike Mighty Blow
Special Rules: My Eyes!: Awful rats always leap up in an attempt to get at their opponents’ eyes.  When rolling for hit location, treat results that would normally indicate the legs as hitting the head.
That Hideous Beak: The beak of an awful rat possesses both the Armor Piercing and Impact Qualities.
Armor: None
Armor Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0
Weapons: Beak

Boneless are undead corpses that have had all of their bones removed.  Since they are not quite as useful as zombies, they are often animated by necromancers to guard their manses.

Boneless Statistics

Skills: None
Talents: Frightening, Natural Weapon, Undead
Special Rules: Mindless: Boneless possess no mind or spirit of their own.  They have no Intelligence, Willpower, or Fellowship, and can never take or fail Tests based on these Characteristics.
Shambling: Boneless are relentless but slow.  They cannot take the run action.
Terrible Grip: When a boneless strikes an opponent it wraps its floppy arm firmly around the location hit.  It begins to squeeze, dealing damage each round automatically.  A successfully aimed shot followed by a critical hit will sever the arm from the Boneless and give it one less attack, while a successful test against the Boneless’ Strength will pry the victim free.
Armor: None
Armor Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0
Weapons: Arms

Calibans are monsters created by evil wizards to serve as flunkies.  They appear as hunched humanoids composed entirely of the parts of animals.  The process of their creation makes them immortal unless slain.  They are a cowardly lot, but are bound to the will of their creator even after his or her death.

Calibain Statistics

Skills: Concealment +10%, Perception, Scale Sheer Surface, Silent Move +10%, Speak Language (Dark Tongue and Reikspiel)
Tallents: Flee!, Night Vision
Special Rules: Mimicry: In addition to human speech, Caliban’s imitate perfectly the sounds of any animal found in the [Old World/Dark Country]
Bound: Calibans must perform any tasks set by their masters to the letter.  If this task involves risking their life, they must make a test against ½ their Will Power.  If they succeed, they turn on their master and attempt to destroy him or her.
Armour: None
Armour Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0
Weapons: Hand Weapon or Claws

Children of Stone
Children of stone are horrible creatures that are sometimes created when a building is destroyed by a fire, siege, earthquake, or some other disaster.  They usually only appear if the building was in some way tied to the worship of the Adversaries.  They appear as stunted, malformed infants made of equal parts stone and burning embers.
Children of Stone Statistics

Skills: None
Talents: Daemonic Aura, Frightening, Natural Weapons,
Special Rules: Infernal Light: Children of stone glow and flicker like a torch, and thus they can be seen from the same distance as a torch in the darkness and cannot conceal themselves.
Instability: Children of Stone are psychic manifestations of pain and sorrow made corporeal and as such are not as solidly linked to the World as mortals.  They may sometimes be forced back from whence they came if a battle goes against them.  On any round in which a child of stone is injured in melee combat but fails to inflict any Wounds in return, it must succeed at a Willpower test or be dissipate into ash and smoke.
Puff of Smoke: Children of stone can blast a puff of smoke as a full round action.  This acts as a Magic Missile with a range of 36 yards that deals 2 damage.
Armor: None
Armor Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0
Weapons: Claws

Devil-men are the product of the union of a human being and the demon prince known as the Horned One.  They appear as men of diabolic aspect, complete with red skin, horns, clawed hands, and pointed canines.  They often live in isolated villages along with cultists and beastmen.

Devil-me Statistics

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Daemonology) Charm, Concealment, Disguise +10%, Dodge Blow, Intimidate, Perception, Torture, Silent Move
Talents: Menacing, Night Vision, Keen Senses
Armor: Medium (Chain Shirt + Leather Jack)
Armor Points: Head 0, Arms 1, Body 3, Legs 0
Weapon: Hand Weapon, Bow or Shortbow

Groans are enormous monsters that dwell in the deeper parts of the Witchwood and the Fog-Bound Forest.  They appear as immense humanoid bulks made of dried wood and dead leaves.  Groans hate humankind and all of its works, especially farming.  It is their opinion that eating vegetable matter is murder; however, they are not moralists  for they are slow witted creatures whose primary pleasures in life involve disemboweling human victims.

Groan Statistics

Skills: Concealment +20%, Perception, Search, Speak Language (Common, and Fey Tongue) Silent Move +20%
Talents: Ambidexterous, Frightening, Night Vision, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun
Special Rules: Flammable: When a Groan is hit with a fire-based attack, any wounds suffered are doubled.  This is calculated after any deductions for Toughness Bonus or Armor Points.
No! The Sun!: When hit by sunlight, a Groan’s feet immediately take root in the ground and he becomes nothing more than a dried, dead tree of great size and sinister appearance.
Tough Bark: The bark of a Groan’s skin gives it 3 Armor Points to all locations.
Armor: None
Armor Points: Head 3, Arms 3, Body 3, Legs 3
Weapons: Limbs

Mites are small creatures that haunt old manors and tumbled ruins.  They are created when cut stone lasts longer than it should much like how maggots are produced from meat or rats are produced from straw.  They appear as diminutive, aged

Mite Statistics

Skills: Concealment, Mime Language (Mite) Perception, Scale Sheer Surface
Talents: Night Vision, Specialist Weapon Group (Sling)
Special Rules: Quiet as a Mouse: Mites make no noise and thus always succeed on Silent Move tests.
Armor: None
Armor Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0
Weapons: Dagger, Spear, and Sling

Rawheds are terrible form of undead created when a warlock dies, leaving his familiar behind.  The two beings merge into an unholy monstrosity that combines the features of man and animal.  They stand considerably taller than a man - roughly the size of an ogre - and always appear rotten and ragged.  They stay in the warlock’s former abode, ranging from it only to find their favorite dish: little children who lie; however, they have not been known to turn down an adult doing the same.

Rawhed Statistics
318434 (8)000

Skills: Concealment, Perception, Scale Sheer Surface +10%, Search, Silent Move, Shadowing, Speak Language (Western and Old Tongue), Ventriloquism +20%
Talents: Daemonic Aura, Flier, Frightening, Keen Senses, Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Strike Mighty Blow, Undead
Special Rules: Invisible: Rawheds can become invisible as a free action.  While in this state they are still corporeal and can be hit, but attackers must be aware of the Rawhed’s presence and must take a -30% penalty in order to do so.
Little Boys Shouldn’t Lie: Rawheds can hear a lie from up to 24 miles away, which is also the maximum distance they will range from their lair.  They may know the exact location of their new quarry for up to 24 hours after they have spoken their last lie; however, they will not pursue it more than 24 miles from its lair.
Mother? Is that you?: Rawheads can perfectly mimic the sounds of most animals found as well as the voices of humanoid races.  If it has heard someone tell a lie, it can perfectly mimic the voice of anyone that person knows.
Armor: None
Armor Points: Head 0, Arms 0, Body 0, Legs 0
Weapons: Claws


  1. Cool monsters every one! You preferred "devil-man" to the more CAS-ian "cambion?" It was the Rob Zombie reference you were after, wasn't it?

  2. Freaky cool critters you have there! I don't know if I would want to encounter them, except for the fact that it might be fun to see them in action ;)

  3. Rawhed is a clever idea. Agree with Trey on the Cambion.