Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What the Desert Lands are Like

Precis: A desert realm of Sword & Sorcery with a satanic twist.  Doom metal Stygia.

Conspectus: Doomed Zenopolis with it's glittering domes and ruined temples; its sprawling catacombs and hidden undercity; leprous mutants on sky-boats dragged through the firmament by byakhee, war-shantaks, and other chained demons; the Black Ziggurat; ghost cities squatting in the dessicated remnants of riverbeds; the Temple-Tomb of Moloch of the Fuel-Less Fire; the undead army of the Black Pharoah crawling across the dunes; sand worms!; sand storms and accompanying sand demons; the Meeting Place of the Demons; Sinbad-style islands ruled by Zothique-style necromancers; desert shrines served only by masked ghoul-priests; hideous ghorii; the mummies of ancient kings who died before the Law came to the World; the Blood-Red Sea; ruined castles of the Sword Brothers

Taste, Sound, Image: Lamb kabob; Zoraster's the Old World, Diablo II Act II


  1. Yesssss...

    I hadn't heard of the Black Ziggurat-Tanelorn thing, or (more importantly) the Majlis al-Jinn; these are pretty excellent.

  2. Evocative. Makes me want to totally run an Al-Qadim game.

  3. Zoroaster is always the right call. Well played.

  4. With all the iron in a blood-red sea, I can envision Rust Monsters skittering around the shore like crabs.