Monday, January 2, 2017

A Karslish Encounter

O, Sire! O Sire! I'm afraid of your way.
O, Sire! O, Sire! I'm afraid of your way.
Your mind is to ramble and lead me astray!
- A Karslish Balad

The Outlandish Knight (HD 6+1 AC 18 ST 12 Move 12, Only hit by +1 or better weapons or cold iron) can be found in a sea-cave in hex XXXX.  He lairs there with his six drowned brides (HD 2, AC 16, ST 16, Move 12, Undead) who wish they were somewhere else.  If encountered in the cave he will strike out madly with a +2 greatsword (+3 to damage due to his maddened state).  If the cave is found at night, when he is out wandering, the brides will try to ambush and drown victims in nearby eddies.  

There is a 1 in 6 chance that he will be in any nearby coastal village the players are visiting, courting a lady with his charm ability (may only be used on one victim at a time, lasts until dispelled).  He will persuade these women to steal their parents' money and horses and come with him to the seaside, where he promises there is a boat waiting.  There never is.  Women so tricked are added to the drowned brides.  For each drowned bride the Outlandish Knight has he gains 1 HD.  While he has a charmed victim he gains +1 to his HP.

The Knight appears as a knight of the Northern Isles, but with finely polished silver armor with a ghastly visage.  If his helmet is removed his misshapen elf-head is revealed and any charm effects currently active will be dispelled if the victim is able to see him.  His brides appear as beautiful women with damp hair clad in wet gossamer.  Striking them is like striking cold steel.

In his sea cave he has accumulated a small treasure hoard from his victims.  Notably he has enough fine clothes to be worth 6,000sp, and 300gp in coins.*

*Note: The Nightwick campaign uses a silver standard.

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  1. "...+2 greatsword (+3 to damage due to his maddened state)."

    What a wonderfully creepy and beautiful encounter to never, ever go to.