Monday, October 21, 2019

FLGS Nightwick Session 4: Look Out Stomach...

Characters Present
Ermel the Dagger - Karslish Human Ranger 2 (and writer of the recap)
Adran Wildedagger - Karslish Human Rogue 2
"Sir" Ginger van Evergreen - Frogling Cleric of St Santa Claus 2
Flint Lichtbringer - Dwarven Paladin dedicated to St Richard the Prior 2
Anastasia Romanov - Novgovite Changeling Warlock of the Archfey 2

Rhiannon Fleetwood - Karslish Human Druid 1 (Played by my wife, who has played every incarnation of Nightwick)
Aradon, Son of Evermore - Dwarven Barbarian 1

8th of Shocktober
We leave the village about dawn for the Abbey.  This time we go towards the west tower! Flint kicks the door open, and then tries to stomp the trap door open, only to have his leg go through the door.  I help the dumb dwarf out of the door and the barbarian dwarf opens the trap door like a civilized being. Down into the trap door and into a room with flower columns [sic]! We open a door to noises and there are leather-face guys torturing some creature!

***FIGHT IT OUT!!***

We smushed um, but Flint accidentally killed the chimera that was being tortured. Rhiannon found a secret button on the St Gax column [sic]! It opens a secret door to a secret room.  There's another door with noises behind it. Time to immediately open it! There are rats with crow's heads!

***FIGHT IT OUT!!***

We kill the swarms and there are 100 silver and 4 habits. another door, another room with a pedestal and a book.  Anastasia picks up the book and blood gushes out. The barbarian tries to sunder the source, only to make it gush more.  Meanwhile, Ardan opens another room that yells "thief!" at him. "Liar!" at Ginger. The barbarian jumps into the blood hole and gets lost in space and time.  Anyway there are cultists!

***FIGHT IT OUT!!***

We killed 5 of them and the last one runs away!

Monsters Defeated
2 Berserkers, 2 swarms of Awful Rats, 6 Cultists

Treasure Gained
100 silver, 4 habits

XP Per Player

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