Friday, November 13, 2020

Kommando Kronikles: The Bowling Alley Job

Characters Present
Sir Istvan the Vulgar Knight (Foul Changeling Fighter)
Sir Uein of the World (Human Fighter)
Abraham, Lord of the Prison (Human Rogue)
Father Kozel of the Wood (Fair Changeling Cleric)
Mother Johanna of the Church of St Santa Claus (Human Cleric)

Shocktober 30th, 1396
  • A few weeks ago, the Kommandos had encountered a revenant known to locals as the Hundprest.
  • This first encounter with him proved that he could not be slain by the party at the time - they lacked powerful enough magic to do so. 
  • Kozel spent some weeks researching the creature, and his efforts will be discussed in a future kronikle. For now, suffice it to say that he felt he knew how the monster could be dismissed but that Mother Johanna would possibly need to advance in level to ensure success.
  • With this in mind, the party decided to return to the fetid hole known as Nightwick Abbey!
  • Their plan was to enter the third floor and clear out a bowling alley of dregs and gambling den of devil-men that was associated with it. This, they hoped, would yield a fair amount of treasure while requiring little exertion.
  • They entered the dungeon by the east tower - for they knew not the relation of the graveyard entrance to the bowling alley but did know that it lay at the base of the stairs down from level 2.
  • On their way, they encountered a group of cultists in garbs they had not seen before - all black. Abraham was able to charm some using a rod of rulership the party had wrested from a pagan tomb shortly before the events in Vollage. The rest were quickly slain.
  • From those enthralled, they learned they served in the cult of a being they called only The Master. Unfortunately, it is quite common for cults to refer to their idols by this moniker, but Kozel was able to ascertain they venerated a vampire.
  • They also discussed how they (and the Master) were at war with a demonic being they called Plutus, and they had come to break open the seals to level 4 to aid in this war.
  • Abraham then explained that they should present themselves to the guards at his prison and begin "infiltrating" by submitting themselves as prisoners there.
  • They found that Uein's remembering of the Baroness's level was apparently incorrect, and while trying to locate the stairs to level 3 they encountered a caged one. 
  • They slew it, but doing so required the clerics to anger the Abbey, causing a shift. Still, the encounter occurred right next to the stairs so while leaving may have been an issue, they could head to their quarry without incident.
  • Heading down the stairs they arrived at the bowling alley, and only remembered that even when bowling dregs make no noise.
  • There was a short attempt to parley, but Istvan's inopportune question of "so are we killing these guys?" ensured its failure.
  • Battle was joined, though many of the dregs retreated to fetch devil-men alleys from the gambling den and even a chamber beyond (that happened to be connected at the time of the battle).
  • Both Kozel and Johanna used effects that automatically caused the abbey to shift, but it seemed not to impede their current aim.
  • These spells, and their companion's blades, proved sovereign against the assembled devil-men and dregs.
  • They did, indeed, find a great deal of treasure, but decided to continue on in order to map out the current geomorph configuration.
  • They found that the chambers they next investigated now housed a warlock and members of the Cult of the Ever Watchful Eye. The warlock they recognized by reputation to be Nymandus, a man who had previously been responsible for the stoppage of Blackleg's mine (their forces encountered him after the incident with the two ghosts.)
  • Again, battle was joined. Though warlocks of Armadeus are known to be fearful opponents, quick thinking, spells, and decisive blows all focused on him defeated him in only a few rounds. The cultists were much more easily killed.
  • With some of Nymandus's goods as treasure, and with the haul from the bowling alley, the party decided now would be a good time to escape to the surface.
  • On the second level, they found they didn't know the way back, but since the party was high enough level that they would all automatically survive being lost on the 2nd level the session ended there.
Monsters Killed
13 Cultists, 19 Devil-men, 22 Mites, and Nymandus

Treasure Gained
5300sp, 1300gp, 6 black pearls (100gp each), 2 peridots (250gp each), and two scrolls

XP Per Player

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