Monday, January 24, 2011

A Map Has Been Found and Other Underworld News

Thanks to reader Derek Upham for showing me Abyssia.  I'll be basing the main campaign map for Ilion off of this section of Atlantis.

Here is my rendition of it on the continent scale map.

Click to enbiggen

I'm not entirely sure which sector I want to enlarge and place Ilion in.  I've thought about the large island with the mountains in the center since it would allow them to control trade throughout that small sea, but I'm still not sure.

I've completed the Men & Magic booklet for the Underworld, but it uses far too much from the White Box document for me to post it here.  I replicated much of the little booklets because I want players to only need one booklet in front of them to play.  I'm currently working on the Monsters and Treasure booklet, and once it's created I might run a playtest of the rules over Skype.  Eventually I hope to add some adventuring rules to it as well and make the unique portions available freely online as a downloadable WB supplement.  This may or may not pan out.

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  1. That Abyssia link is great! One of the best inverse inner-earth maps I've seen.