Friday, January 7, 2011

Plans for the Year

Sorry that I've neglected the blog for a bit, but the holidays will do that to you.  I don't have the ambitions that some other bloggers seem to have, but here are my meager goals for the year anyway.

Paint Some Minis: I have quite a few unpainted miniatures and I'm looking to acquire more.  I haven't painted in a while but the wife and I recently bought some primer and other mini painting supplies so I'll be able to renew my tangentially related hobby.  I'll post the piss-poor results here.

One Page Dungeon Project: The vote went overwhelmingly in favor of Nightwick Abbey so I'll try to render a version of my megadungeon for the masses.  Nightwick Abbey wasn't made with the one page format in mind.  What I will most likely do is develop one page dungeon maps that have places to put the specials and monsters that are in my home version of the Abbey.  As a test case I'll be making a sub level of the abbey into a one page dungeon and posting it up here.  If there is still interest after you've seen it, I'll continue with the project.

Examining the Rules Cyclopedia: I won't be doing anything along the lines of a "Cover to Cover," but I'll most likely have thoughts and questions related to my most recent OS acquisition.

For the most part I'll continue my rudderless ad hoc approach, but I had these on my mind and I thought I'd post them.


  1. What minis are you going to paint first? I love painting, but sadly don't have the time anymore...

  2. A blog is a blog, no matter how small. I like the One Page Dungeon idea you've mentioned. I should use a similar approach with some of my wacko, or retro stupid, ideas.