Monday, January 23, 2012

Monster Monday: Devils of Steel

For this monster Monday I decided to give you a new monster I made for Uz.   I know I've haven't been doing them as regularly as I said I would, but settling into this semester has been more difficult than I imagined.  Still, I hope to do it more consistently in the future.

Anyway, here is the monster:

Devil of Steel
No. Appearing   1d10
Armor Class        18
Hit Dice                 6+6
Movement           120’
No. of Attacks    See Below
Damage                 1d6 Each
Morale                  10
Alignment            Chaotic

The Devils of Steel are large, humanoid monstrosities that haunt the Waste of Rust.  Their skin is composed of a strange, rubbery metal that is hard as steel but allows them to move freely.  This cobalt-colored metal is stretched tightly over their skeletons, giving them an emaciated appearance and a skull-like visage.  Their heads are bulbous and topped with a boney ridge, and their limbs are twisted in ways which would make moving painful for most humanoids.

They can attack with both claws in one round.  They will always attack the same target, and if they hit with both attacks the target is grabbed and can take no actions.  The Devil of Steel will then swallow the victim down its horrible, rubbery gullet.  The victim will then take automatic damage each round until he or she can be freed.

The metal which coats these creatures makes them impervious to all magic and also halves all damage from energy weapons.  The color of their skin has led some scholars to believe they are related in some fashion to the Deros, but none know what this connection might be.


  1. Lovely use of that picture. And I've never noticed before, but I do love the sinister aspect of seeing through to their skeleton beneath. Especially with that swallow attack, ha!

  2. Devils of Steel? Wastes of Rust? Awesome.