Monday, July 2, 2012

The Six Who Were One

Once Cuccagna was home to a single inhabitant: the Wizard Prospero.  He worked many wondrous magics and created many strange beasts all hidden away from the eyes of mere mortals.  Then something happened. Few can say precisely what, but Prospero, the greatest disciple of Simon Magus, made a mistake.  Now he has been split into five (formerly six) lesser wizards known as the Six Who Were One. 

[Prospero] the Red is a lecherous man who is nevertheless henpecked by his similarly sorcerous wife.  He is constantly running errands for her, as well as finding excuses to go meet one of his many mistresses - who also make him run errands.  The rest of the Six Who Were One think he is beneath their concern, but those who underestimate him do so at their own peril.

[Prospero] the Orange is a well respected man throughout the Island of Cuccagne, though their are certain, dark rumors about his religious affiliations.  His manse lies close to the Cavern or Sorcerers, and he is attended by many lovely young women who will wine and dine any travelers passing through his territory.

[Prospero] the Yellow spends his days locked in stone tower on a high mountain, far away from Great Wen. He seldom sees visitors, and those that are allowed inside his crumbling manse are greeted by his strange, mechanical servitors.  It is said that the valley around his tower is haunted by an invisible monster only he can see, and that it calls to him incessantly in the moaning of the wind.

[Prospero] the Green is the ruler of the Great Wen, and while he is reputed to be extremely powerful, even by wizard standards, he prefers the day-to-day petty rivalries of court and the machinations of the skullduggers who live in the Wen.  He also enjoys a number of petty amusements, particularly those of the sideshow variety.

Prospera the Indigo is the only sorceress to be spawned from Prospero's original mishap.  Some say that she is the most powerful, while others say she is simply the most ambitious.  She certainly schemes and plots to bring down her fellow wizards, but that is no rarity among wizards.  She was once known as Prospero the Purple, and there are rumors that the changing of her title had something to do with the disappearance of [Prospero] the Blue.  Some who have been in her presents have noted that they can hear the soft moaning of an old man about her at strange times.

Little is known about [Prospero] the Blue, for none have seen him in what seems like centuries.  The other Six Who Were One never speak of him and always attempt to change the subject whenever he is mentioned.

These are not the only wizards on the Island of Cuccagna, for that place seems to breed wizards like straw does rats.  Many other cabals and societies exist which are equally competitive; however, the importance of the Six Who Were One to history of the island and their relative power make them far more noteworthy than those sloppy imitators.

Note: the brackets are there in case I decided that five guys named Prospero is too fucking many.

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