Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Dark Country Maps (Again)

I have mostly migrated my discussion of maps to G+, but since that's ending I thought I'd better stop posting about them here again.

The Master Map

The canon/official/whatever version of the Dark Country map is the master map pictured above.  It is based a combination of the Baltic Coast and Transylvania.  The master map currently notes the location of the 7 cities and most of their village protectorates, the location of pagan villages, and ruins the players have visited or that I know exist.

A Digital Recreation of the Master Map

The digital recreation of the master map is a working map I use for when I'm writing adventures or typing stuff.  I thas more settlements on it but I am unsure if I will maintain their current positions since the PCs have not yet been to them.  In making this map I found that the Lychgate Bishopric map (see below) I've used for so long is slightly off, but it's close enough for horseshoes.

Players' Map for the Bishopric of Lychgate
This is the latest version of the map my players most often interact with.  It's even labeled with stuff!  A key for an older version can be found here.

The World of Nightwick

The World of Nightwick Map is my current idea for the areas around Nightwick.  They are...

Clear - The Realm (Two duchies represented on this map)Hills - Vulgary (Formerly the Iron Kingdoms)Snowfields - NovgovyMountains - AtaliaDead Forest - The Dark CountryGlaciers - MuscorodForest - CuccagnaBroken Land - the BorderlandsGrassland - The SteppeDesert - The Desert LandsScrubland - ZenopolisDesert (again) - The Desert Lands (Again)

Not pictured are Karse, Averois, Cathay, and Noppin.  I've been working on a map of Karse and have worked up a map for a single lordship of Noppin (the island of Kokushi) but they are beyond the scope of this post.

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